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One of my favorite people ever—Zendaya Coleman—has been everywhere lately. Not only did she recently receive the honor of being gifted a barbie doll that is crafted in her own image but she also did a bad-ass photo shoot that displayed her in all her fabulous glory while she sported iconic hair looks across the last few decades.

Even more recently, Zendaya called out Modeliste Magazine for grotesquely and tackily photo-shopping her frame right after a shoot. She then took the opportunity to talk at length about loving one's self and loving the skin that you're in.

Honestly, can she be more amazing?

Obviously, the answer is no, but I'm pretty sure she's gonna find a way to prove me wrong. And that alone deserves to be celebrated. So, in celebration of Ms. Zendaya Coleman, I present to you four reasons why you should love her (if you are not already in love with her, of course):

1. She's a triple threat.

That's right. Ms. Coleman can sing, dance, AND act. She's released a platinum album, she was a long-running cast member of Shake It Up (which regularly featured her dancing talents), she was the youngest contestant to be featured on Dancing With The Stars (at age 16), and is currently plays the lead on K.C. Undercover. She's a regular renaissance woman and she makes it look so easy!

This is what flawlessness looks like.
This is what flawlessness looks like.

To elaborate, having all three puts Zendaya ahead of the curve in that she is a versatile entertainer and if she really wanted to, she could navigate all three facets of the industry with relative ease. She is an extremely gifted person and I'm excited to see her career thrive.

And speaking of career:

2. Zendaya is morphing into a fashion icon.

Recently, Zendaya did a hair focused shoot that was highly, HIGHLY glamorous and I was instantly reminded of how fabulous, fashionable, and fierce she is.

Fierce as f*ck, I tell you. Fierce as f*ck!
Fierce as f*ck, I tell you. Fierce as f*ck!

Seriously. Zendaya's fashion sense is out of this world. And it makes sense too, seeing as she already has a clothing line under her belt and will be debuting her new shoe collection—Daya by Zendaya—in the spring of 2016.

She is also a frequent red carpet walker, which she perpetually slays.

Here are some of her most iconic looks:

3. She takes correction in her stride.

My problem with certain celebrities as of late is that they'll say inflammatory shit and instead actually apologizing or just not apologizing (which is an option too), they'll offer these half-apologies that make me want to roll my eyes outta my head.

You wanna know my favorite non-apology? Well, it goes a little something like this:

“I'm sorry you were offended”.


I certainly hope not.
I certainly hope not.

Like, why bother apologizing if that's how you're doing it? I mean, not only is it crass and insulting, but since I subscribe to the whole “you don't get to decide that you didn't hurt someone” mantra (re: Louis C.K), I'd wager that it makes you look like an asshole of the highest order.

Which is why I am fond of Zendaya. She is not a fan of these "non-apologies" because they are not her style. When she does mess up, she re-traces her steps to figure out what she did wrong, she reflects, and then she apologizes accordingly.

The best example of this is when Kylie “I am perpetually problematic and love to appropriate Black people and other people of color” put on glorified black-face (now called Purple Face by some) for a photo shoot. Zendaya initially praised the shoot until fans called her out and explained why it was wrong. After that, Zendaya offered a heartfelt apology and promised to to better in the future.

I thought she handled the whole situation and proved that, yes, people with platforms can mess up too, but that they can grow from it.

4. She will not be bullied, nor will she stand for the bullying of someone else.

As I alluded to earlier with the photoshopping incident, Zendaya is not afraid of taking people to task when they become problematic in the worst way (i.e. racist, sexist, misogynist, etc, etc).

The most famous example of Zendaya doing so was when she went toe-to-toe with Guiliana Rancic over her tasteless, tacky, and racist “joke” about Zendaya's faux locs, which she sported on the red carpet of the 87th Academy Awards.

While Rancic and many others tried to dismiss the racial context behind that ill-conceived joke, Zendaya highlighted it and directly addressed it in a public letter on Instagram:

Honestly, I'm really proud of her and I say this because though she is still young, she has shown herself to be so in touch with pressing social issues around her. In fact, she joins a distinct class/trio of young actresses and entertainers that includes the trailblazing Amandla Steinberg and the compassionate Rowan Blanchard. Frankly, they all give me up for one reason or another because not only do they consistently shoot down the myth that they are “too young” to be vocal about these issues, but they are doing it in an industry that would not hesitate to punish them for their outspoken nature.

And that, quite frankly, is something to be admired.

Here's to you, Zendaya.
Here's to you, Zendaya.

In closing, I'm sincerely excited to see where Zendaya's very promising career takes her. I have no idea where she's headed at the moment, but I do not doubt that whatever she does will be great and equally awe-inspiring and she is.

Viva la Zendaya!

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