ByZaid A Asmaida, writer at

Hi Am A Single Game Developer, Who’s recently Working On A Big Horror Game That Will BE A Successor To P.T. And Take on Whats Silent Hills Were Left ,

And My Upcoming Horror Game Needs Your Help.

Say Hello To ( Hard Lives ),

Hard Lives Is A First Person Survival Horror Game That Uses A New Kind Of Horror, And With The Power Of Unreal Engine 4 and YOUR Help it Will Reach The Top.


The Game Takes A Place In The Story When A man Woke’s Up In Some Strange Place, Dose Not remember Where He Was And Where He Is, And Hears A Strange Noises And Sounds And begins To Find Out Whats Happened In That Place. The man Finds him Self Unconscious, Alone, And cant remember His Own Name, Just A Shattered memories of his family And His Lost Wife And Sister,

The Game Was Originally Being developed Using Unity 5 Engine, But Unreal Is A Bigger Badder Better And A Way faster Engine To Make games.

So AM Woking All Alone On It, And The Story It Self I Wrote it In 2012 So its There, Ive Made Some Improves To It And Gave it A unique Story, GamePlay, And Horror Experience .


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