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Matt Beer

Could Kylo Ren really be the Inquisitor from Star Wars rebels? Spoilers for Star Wars rebels season one too. Now if you're still here, think about it. When we leave season one we find out that of course the Inquisitor from season one falls to his death, but did he really die? We don't see him dead in the episode, we just see him fall like Loki did in Thor. So, lets say that before it's too late somebody retrieves him before truly dying and gives him something to keep him from death. Now how could this translate to the Force Awakens? From the newest trailer we see Kylo performing mind tricks on Poe, just like the Inquisitor did too Kanan in Rebels. In the trailer we hear him say that he will finish what he started. Some say it is his grandson saying it, but wouldn't he have know from his parents that he ended up with the lightside, and also recieving visits from the ghost of Skywalker like any other grandparent would. We know the Inquisitor would have not known that Vader is on the lightside. He would want to finish it and save the Sith from completely dying off, therefore finishes Vaders journey. Also Kylo Ren is skinny, just like the Inquisitor. Some may say that because of the final shot in the trailer with Finn fighting "Ren" that proves Adam Driver is Kylo, but what if he actually died before the fight and one of the Knights of Ren picked up the lightsaber in order to fight and give Justice to his Master? So what do you think? Could the Inquisitor really be Kylo Ren? Lets find out when Star Wars the Force Awakens hits theatres December 18


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