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I've read the book, I've seen the movie, and now I'm going to talk about it.
Alanna Cecilia

Two years later, and let's be real: the world is still stuck in Frozen fever. The songs have been played and sung and covered and analyzed and translated over and over and over again...except for two.

Think back to the beginning of the film, and then to Elsa's coronation. Can you remember the songs? Or were you distracted by the snowflakes or Elsa's distress about taking off her gloves? I'll give you a moment to remember.

And this:

Beautiful, no? And sadly, because both songs are in different languages, often forgotten.

The first is called "Eatnemen Vuelie" (composed by Frode Fjellheim). It appears at the beginning and end of the film. It is actually a combination of a Danish Christian hymn called "Dejlig er Jorden" and a form of traditional Scandinavian/Saami singing known as joiking. While the joiking part of the song, which sounds like a chant, has no translation, it is meant to evoke emotion and a sense of setting. The parts of the hymn used in the film describe the beauty of the earth, and the joy of song - two things that seem important in Frozen.

The second song is "Heimr Árnadalr," and thanks to musician Christine Hals (via Tumblr user mebelna) we have access to a beautiful translation. Here are the lyrics as they appear in the film:

Verðug dróttning stór

Hjarta af gulli skína

Kronum þik med vánum, ást ok trú.

Fagra, grýttur land, heimr Árnadalr.

Fylgið dróttningu ljóssins.

And here is the translation of the Old Norse:

Worthy Queen of greatness

The heart of gold shines

We crown thee with hope, love and faith.

Beautiful, stoney land, home Arendelle

Follow the Queen of light.

I don't know about you, but I think knowing the meaning of the lyrics makes the coronation scene even more beautiful. Also, it is interesting to read the line "heart of gold," as it conflicts with the image of frozen hearts that permeate the film. It almost predicts that Elsa will overcome the darkness of fear and isolation to burn bright and strong as queen of Arendelle.


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