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I am not a huge video game nut. I don’t play Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Zelda, or any other popular games for that matter. That being said, there are a few select games that I gravitate towards and find myself playing religiously. One of those games happens to be Guitar Hero.

I could have been playing for hours, and still struggled with the harder songs. Even after playing the same again and again, they never really got old.

When it was announced that Guitar Hero was no longer going to make games, I was devastated. That is until I came to find that Guitar Hero released a new game: Guitar Hero Live!

Looking at the trailers, the game looks like it could be ten times more fun to play than the other versions that had previously been released.

The biggest downside being that there are no versions for the older game system, meaning you would have to buy a whole new game console in order to play the game that you wanted. Unfortunate, but it makes sense. Gaming companies have to make a profit, after all.

With the new game comes a new, revamped guitar. This new guitar looks far more like an actual electric guitar, and even comes without the iconic color coded buttons. It looks as if you are meant to be playing actual chords and positioning your fingers to play said chords, instead of simply pressing buttons.

Whether Guitar Hero is trying to be like Rocksmith or not, we may never know. Either way, I am really looking forward to the day I can play finally Guitar Hero Live!


Is Guitar Hero Live too similar to Rocksmith?

What are your thoughts? Have you had a chance to play? Will you play? Let me know in the comments section!


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