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Hard Lives Is A First Person Survival Horror Game Using The Power Of Unreal Engine 4,

Its The Indie Gaming Age,

A New developers And A new games Is Coming powerfully To The Internet.

Meet Zaid, A 17 Years Old Game designer From Benghazi, Libya.

-In the Beginning The Hard Lives Story of The Game Was Created In early 2012. and I Decided To Turn it into A Real Game, Not Like The Normal Indies ,But I Wanted To Give It A Unique theme, And In 2014 I Started To Learn Game development And Its Basics, So I Started With Unity 4.2.2, The First Actual Game Engine That I used, With The Time I Wanted to Focus On My Goals Of Learning it, I Started The Development And The First Tech Demo i Made Was bad, But i Was Happy, My First Step In The Gaming Industry.

In The 2015 When Unreal Engine Was Completely Free I wanted it so bad, and i started my Development And It Went Great, Its Now On Kickstarter And I Really Need Some Money Support, And The Game Didn’t Go So Well,

The Story Is Amazing I Will Leave You With Some Teaser Of It.

’’What Would you do If You Just Woke Up In The Night And with this Strange feelings And Fear of Something Unknown Watching And Hunting you In The Safety Of Your Own House. ? Its 2 AM And Whats Wakes you up ?

You May Think Its Normal, But You Cant Sleep, And started to hear some wired noises all Over Your house,

Something bad has Happened In Here, Its Chases You, And Its Calling for you,

And Speaking In The Name of Your Soul, You Cant Remember Your Name Can’t You.’’

Hard Live May Comes out in The Summer Of 2017, am Now gathering A Group of People who can help and Need your help ,

Find Us On Steam Greenlight Here

Facebook Page Here

Looking For Designer , A Sound Editor, And Some Effects Creators,

( Tell us Your ideas And Feedbacks, we will appreciate it )


The Game Will Not Be Completed Without You,



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