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Both DC and Marvel have their fair share of strange, off the wall characters, but there are a whole lot more than most people realize! So here's my list of what I think are some of the weirdest, most offensive, and kind of pointless characters in the comic book universe. Let's get to it!

10. The Needle (Marvel)

Josef Saint is a recurring villain in the Marvel universe who has the ability to cause instantaneous paralysis in his victims just by gazing at them. Cool, right? But that's not why he is on this list. He's on this list because of his weapon of choice. You guessed it! A 3 foot long needle! Granted, it has pierced Iron Man's armor before, so he's got that going for him! The Needle has also been known for sewing shut the mouths of his victims. Yeah, I know, creepy.

9. Hate-Monger (Marvel)

Remember that offensive character I talked about in the beginning? Well, this is it. Hate-Monger debuted in the Fantastic Four comics. His master plan was to bounce a giant laser off of the moon so that he could bathe the Earth in some sort of radiation that would make everyone on Earth, uh, racist... Yeah, that happened. Fortunately, Hate-Monger was shot and killed so that his plan wouldn't pan out. After his death, he was unmasked and it was revealed that he was actually a clone ... of Adolf Hitler.

8. Arm-Fall-Off-Boy (DC)

His name is pretty self-explanatory, but in what could be taken as a very strange case of 'when life gives you lemons', Floyd Belkin, a resident of the planet Lallor, has the ability to detach his limbs with a quick 'POP'. The character uses his body part-shedding abilities for good, and repurposes his appendages as blunt weapons to fight crime.

7. Tar Baby (Marvel)

Tar Baby was a mutant that secreted tar from his skin. He was a Morlock living with the Drain Dwellers. He survived that huge "Mutant Massacre" thing and briefly lived with the X-Factor group at their headquarters before going back to the tunnels. He was eventually captured and killed by the Weapon X Program at their Neverland facility.

6. Maggott (Marvel)

Maggott is a mutant with a hollow area where his digestive track should be, and in that hollow area lives two intelligent, giant maggots. Gross, I know. They crawl out, consume miscellaneous things, then transfer that things energy into the mutant. Using the energy they give him, Maggott gains strength, stamina, and all kinds of crazy stuff like that.

5. Matter-Eater Lad (DC)

Matter-Eater Lad, is from the planet Bismoll (like Pepto Bismol, but minus the Pepto). All microbes on his planet have rendered the food inedible, so in order to survive, the people evolved to where they could ingest and digest any type of matter. The character is often eating wrenches and other strange objects as if they were pizza or something. His powers have proved to be useful since he can bite and consume pretty much any indestructible forms of matter, which the DC comic book universe if filled with.

4. Cosmo (Marvel)

During the space trials of the '60s, the Soviet Union spent most of its time throwin' animals into space and hoping for the best, but little did they know, they created a superhero. A test animal for the Soviet space program, Cosmo was sent into space and drifted to the alien space station, Knowhere. There, he gained telekinetic and telepathic abilities as well as an incredibly high intellect. Cosmo is a dog, by the way. The character has fought alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy multiple times. He believes in truth, justice, and peeing on fire hydrants.

3. Ten-Eyed Man (DC)

Philip Reardon is a former Vietnam War veteran and security guard who is blinded in a warehouse explosion that burns his retinas. A black market doctor named Engstrom restored his retinas -- but only in his fingers. Reardon blames Batman for his blindness. He was eventually killed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. I guess, he didn't see that coming! *bud-um-tss*

2. Eye Scream (Marvel)

Eye Scream was only in one issue, probably because his only mutant power was turning himself into various ice cream flavors. It's like a kid's dream! There really isn't much more to him, mainly because he's pretty lame, so, let's move on!

1. Danny The Street (DC)

Danny the Street (more like a block), has buildings, pavements, houses, etc. He can teleport and secretly infiltrate cities and towns all over the world to bring them happiness. Danny is also a transvestite -- I'm not really sure how that works, since he's a street, but it's comic books and anything can happen! Danny is also sort of a member of the Teen Titans, seeing as he's helped them a couple times in the New 52 series.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that's all I have for today! Did you agree with my list? Let me know!

Thank you for reading!


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