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...llow him on twitter & facebook and from what I've seen of his own comments, as well as what others have said about him and the effort and devotion to the numerous charities he works very hard to support, I feel that the statements he made in 'Business Insider' were completely taken out of context. It seems rather obvious that there was at the very least some degree of bias in regard to how the interview seemed to attempt an inference that Jeremy Renner was not in favor of fair wages for females. When he stated that's not his job to deal with that, he's correct. His job is being a performer, not to handle the financial side of film project salaries. From what I see of Jeremy's posts on twitter, I think that if he did have any say in the matter, he would very much make certain that pay is equal for both men snd women. As I'd prior stated, I've never met Jeremy before, but reading his tweets and other social media postings, it's obvious he's indeed a straight shooter & doesn't mince words. He also posts numerous tweets/posts on other social media like facebook about everyone coming together as one, equality for all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc., on a fairly consistent basis. Check for yourself! It's just one of the things that makes him one of the most admirable people in the industry. Not only is he an exceptional performer, he also avails himself to causes of need, devotes a great deal of time and effort in helping others and showcasing many very important causes which his celebrity status is able to bring much needed attention to. That said, it'd make absolutely no sense for Jeremy to contradict himself by making such a statement like he doesn't support equal pay for women. It doesn't fit with the character of person he appears to be. So many times, the words of people are taken out of context. Many folks, including myself have been a victim of this. Eventually, the truth will always inevitably come out. This case is no different. As a fan of Jeremy's and someone who, like many, many others I'm sure, reads the various tweets & other posts he's posted on twitter, Facebook and other brands of social media, it's quite obvious he stated nothing out of turn, but rather, his statement was taken out of context. It's no wonder why more and more celebs minimize their interaction with certain media outlets; the fear of having their words twisted around isn't very comforting at all. It's almost certain such an incident will arise again with someone else, but hopefully that'll be far away down the road.

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