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Before I begin I have a confession to make that likely will result in a huge mob coming after me: I have never watched a single episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead" or the spin-off, "Fear The Walking Dead."

Now then, Halloween draws towards us and as a resident killer of the undead in the Diablo computer game universe, the Golden Sun universe, the universe of Final Fantasy, and the universe of Heroes of Might and Magic/ Might and Magic Heroes, Forgotten Realms and (of course) Magic the Gathering, I would like to share my tips on how to avoid becoming Undead from being infected by a zombie va bite or scratch, or turned into a Vampire by vampirism.

1. Never bury corpses but always cremate them.

Yes, burial of zombies never ends well unless you are lucky enough to bury them on consecrated holy ground. Otherwise, they always come back to life sooner or later. Liches and their kind are even harder to bury than zombies and the Walking Dead variants because they very commonly store their souls in artifacts called phylacteries. In movies the closest things remotely resembling them are the Horcruxes used by Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series.

So, the very first option is to strap on your handy flamethrower, fire magic or torch and enjoy a zombie barbecue. The more recent a corpse has died, the juicier they burn. Mummies may seem like they burn fast too but be warned, the more ancient they are the harder they are to burn.

2. Decapitation is your friend

Yes, you heard correctly. Without a brain, most zombies will literally fall apart. Nothing fancy required. Any object with a very sharp edge can do the job like knives, swords and axes. Clubs and maces work well when done with the right amount of strength. Simply imagine the head is a baseball and slam it into the next country with a huge home run hit. Or, if you are proficient with firearms, bows and crossbows, stand back and aim where the head and neck attach to the spinal cord. This is the hardest method of all as it requires precise aim and never runs out of ammunition.

With Vampires you need to decapitate and behead them to fully kill them as without these organs they will regenerate when not killed by the light of the Sun or a wooden stake through their heart which are the deadliest ways to harm them. Silver takes longer while so does fire and "Twilight" created the long lasting myth that all vampires can survive sunlight. Only the original vampire and ones like Blade who are known as "Daywalkers" can survive daylight without being killed as they no longer have the weakness to it. Caution: Blade is the only vampire who is a daywalker I would trust.

3. Exorcism

For the more faith oriented fans, zombies, vampires, mummies and liches can sometimes rise from the dead if another being's living soul is inserted into their dusty remains. When this happens, it helps to know priests and white mages because exorcisms can be very pricey in games but it removes the worry of bodily harm if they are fast enough. As well, Holy based attribute spells and abilities deal greater damage to the Undead then most other elements besides fire because Undead commonly are dark attribute monsters which is the opposite of Holy/ Light.

And last but not least...

4. If everything else fails, kill all necromancers!

Necromancers are usually to blame if you are fighting hordes of zombies and undead. As soon as you kill them, you can only watch in horror as they literally come back to life. This evil (and sometimes users of magic) delight in finding graveyards and ancient battlegrounds from which to summon their minions.

Corpses raised this way may seem like they are easy to kill, but beware! As long as a necromancer has enough bodies and magic, they will keep raising new minions after you have spent your ammunition up. If this happens, run away and seek out the necromancer, then introduce them to your weapon of choice. It is not enough to kill them either, as the expertly skilled can turn into liches. No, for them you follow all the steps above and if necessary, have your magic users drain all their magic away and banish their souls to another dimension.

Good luck and now I must be off to hunt down one of my enemies, an eternally cursed dracolich (dragon lich) who just will not stop staying dead. Bye. :)


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