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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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On Halloween day, Michael Myers gets down and dirty with a butcher knife and terrorizes his home town for the whole night...and sometimes the day after too. But what about all the other days, weeks, and months when there is no Halloween?

I think I know!

5. He Hibernates

Michael Myers stays up all day walking around and handling his business on Halloween. I'm sure it's not easy hacking people to bits without a good night's sleep. So of course he's gonna hibernate the rest of the year, and build up all that killer energy it takes to be Michael Myers!

4. He Keeps Killing People

Probably the most accurate guess we can make is that he doesn't discontinue his murderous rampage. Maybe he just goes under the radar, and picks off people here and there for fun. Almost like a secret hobby or something...

3. He Spends All Year Getting Ready For Next Halloween

Another good guess would be that right after Halloween ends, he falls back into his year long routine. So, jogging, push-ups, weight lifting, knife swinging classes, and many other things are all a part of what keeps him in top physical condition.

2. He Enjoys Life!

Michael Myers takes off his mask, hangs up his jumpsuit, puts his knife back in the drawer, and just lives his life the rest of the year. The killing he does is almost like a job to him, something he does to satisfy his unnatural hunger for violence. Besides that he spends the rest of his days blending in to society!

1. He Hangs With Jason

Come on folks, get real! Jason only kills one or two times a year and Michael Myers only has to get his hands dirty once. So putting two and two together, I think I've finally figured out what Michael Myers does the rest of the year. He hangs with Jason at Crystal Lake... They shoot bow and arrow, golf, crack jokes, drink soda's, eat hamburgers, everything. Which is probably why they haven't made a movie with them both fighting yet.


Is Michael Myers a vicious killer or just a misunderstood individual?


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