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Tte MCU and Marvel villains had their ups and downs, with some villains being a lot better like Loki and Winter Solider, while others are a bit slippery. Not all villains handled their role well or just didn't look anything like the comics, or they were just a disappointment.

So before we even start going into detail:

my contain spoilers for a few marvel movies!

I will make this list based on appearance, actor performance, and how accurate they are to the comics.

1. Electro - the amazing spider man 2

in this second (and final) amazing spider man movie from Sony pictures, Jaime Foxx plays the awesome spidey villain electro, which is one of the main villains in the movie.

the main reasons this villain was mostly disliked by fans is the rather awkward relationship with spidey and the way the costume didn't look anything like the comics.

electro dropped his more famous green and yellow comic book suit for a rather more modern animated style blue skin and a bodysuit, which in my opinion was rather disappointing. also, his screen time was a bit too short due to the addition of the secondary villain and my next pick:

2. the green goblin - the amazing spider man 2

the amazing spider man 2 is a terrible movie, we all know, but what is this?

first, the outfit. what is this tech robotic thingy?! it looks nothing like the comics, and also makes kind of no sense at all. next, the face. like what is this? in is just extremely weird looking, which might be the point, but i think it is just so so bad! also, the previous version was so much better! to add, his time was short, as he only came half way.

finally, the trailer kind of already revealed that Harry will become the goblin, so it ruined the surprise.

the comic-book version looks so much better.
the comic-book version looks so much better.

so overall, the amazing spider man 2 was really bad. it also teased rhino, but than never did anything with it. what is the point?!

looks awesome anyway
looks awesome anyway

so i'm not gonna waste another entry on a spidey villain, but my next villain is actually a bit less popular:

3. the mandarin(s) - iron man 3

again, not the best movie in the franchise. now the reason i say mandarins is that the real one (above) is actually a drunk old man used as a puppet for the real villain, Killian. basically, the famous mandarin we all know and love from the comics with the rings and all is now a alcoholic with no magic controlled by a obsessive creep with a weird super drug in his blood that makes him go boom boom. do i need to say more?

this is actually the only villain from the modern MCU, since they have been doing a magnificent job with their big baddies. i would also add that whiplash was pretty bad.

4. doctor doom - fantastic four (2005, 2015)

like what the f#@king god is this?! i mean, the first version was better, and than it got worst as the movies got worst. doctor doom has never had the justice he needs to have, which is ironic, but doom is one of the best marvel villains, and every time he is on screen you just sit there and cry about how the movie ruined your villainous dream.

5. Bullseye and kingpin - daredevil

so lets start with kingpin. this guy was nothing like what i wanted him to be. instead of being this criminal mastermind we all know him for, he was just another villain in the movie. also, his final battle with Ben fleck was just BAD. but not ass bad as bullseye was.

at the beginning, i didn't know who this was. okay, he has the symbol thing like in the comics and he throws stuff but he was nothing like what i expected this guy to be. the only thing good about him is that his fight was pretty epic, even though he killed Electra.

so this is my small but i hope awesome list of villains that need to reverse and start over again in the great realm of marvel movies. what did you think?


which villain was simply bad at being bad?


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