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Users of magic have been around in fictional lore as far back as the dawn of writing. They are divided between good evil and neutral users. This article discusses the differences between good and evil users of magic.

Like everything in the world today, magic can be used for good and evil. I know firsthand because I am a good wizard now but at several points in my life and that of my siblings we were brainwashed by evil magic users into being evil like them and doing their bidding.

Sure most fans of magic know all about Harry Dresden, Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, the Imperius Curse, Gandalf, Saruman and Sauron. But good and evil magic goes far beyond these modern inventions in the literary world.

Harry Potter and Harry Dresden were very much correct in portraying the secretive world of magic users divided between good and evil. But it goes further than that. Magic exists in every dimension and beings everywhere not just those we call intelligent are waging their lives to master and control it. For those who control the magic control the worlds. Let me begin the differences.

1. Evil witches, sorcerers/sorceresses and warlocks and necromancers and dragons and demons just want to rule!

In every genre of fantasy you will easily find the 'evil magic user'. They range from black magic users to evil necromancers and evil planeswalkers, and would rather rule everything than worry about the morality of what they do.

Against them you have the good magic users, and these range from the simplest of healers and priests of those who areeither secretly or openly taught magic to the likes of elves, dwarves, treefolk, giants and even good dragons.

These beings fight everywhere and use spells so powerful and deadly they cause apocalypses and extinction every time they collide. So, do everyone a favor and never learn magic by yourself but always in a school or institute because there is always strength in numbers.

2. Magic is never created good or evil but is always neutral.

Whoever it was that began the lore that magic is good or evil has been telling it wrong forever. From the very beginning of creation in fantasy, magic has always existed. But what few would be willing to admit to any who disbelieve in its existence is this fundamental law: It is not magic that is good or evil, just the one who uses it and how.

That's correct. No matter who or when or why, the motives behind the users of magic always determine if it be used for good or evil. Otherwise magic lies dormant and fully neutral. And there you all go. Remember, kill or banish evil magic users (preferably kill) and aid all good ones. But beware, as wizards carry long memories and remember well who has offended them.


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