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If you haven't seen episode 3 of Season 6 of The Walking Dead yet, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY, TURN AROUND!!!

Having said that... let me say this: the first 12 times I watched Glenn's big scene, it was a roller coaster. I wanted to quit watching TWD forever. I sat there, I got mad, I wanted a pizza; then I did what everyone else does after a big TWD "death" scene... I started googling. And here I am at 1am, writing this. That's all the steps of denial, right?

So by now you've seen what LOOKS like Glenn's big finale. Dying beside a dumpster after watching his nimrod friend blow his own brains out, and get eaten by walkers. Great way to go, huh? Except I, along with many, many other Glenn-fans, don't believe a word of it. Either that, or we've all just gone crazy with grief.

Here's my reasoning for Glenn not really dying, in a scene that made it look like he was a goner.

He wasn't on The Talking Dead

No character this massively beloved wouldn't have the right send-off, would he? Hershel got his appearance on the show after his death, so surely Glenn would too, right?

He's been seen on set filming scenes after 'Thank You'

And not just in scenes that could be flashbacks; scenes with characters we haven't seen yet.

His "death scene" had too many holes

Here's where I really had to work to get some proof.

Remember when Rick and Glenn met, sort of? Something about a dumbass and a tank. Well, look at this picture:

Looks like enough room to slide under the dumpster, right? Gross as hell, of course, but scrawny Glenn could slide under there with ease!

And these shots here:

What was it, color coordinate with what your zombie killing cohorts are wearing day? It's further proof the producers jacking with us. By wearing pretty much indistinguishable clothing, it was really difficult for us to differentiate between the two when they fell. This will come into play after Humpty and Dumpty fell off the dumpster.

Speaking of which:

This suggests that when they land, jolly ole St. Nick lands smack dab on top of Glenn:

Oh hey, look, they didn't show Glenn past his neckline. Coincidence? MAN I HOPE NOT.

This is where it gets painful, but look closely:

Sure looks like someone is on top of Glenn! That is 100% Nick's jacket, not Glenn's. Okay, well, maybe 97%.

I want to note here that, while I've never been disemboweled by zombies, the look on his face here until the end doesn't really look like a "OMG THAT HURTS" face so much as a "DAMMIT NICK YOU WERE JUST GETTING BRAVE AND STUFF WHY U HAVE TO DIE" face. But again, no expert at pain like this. Plus, it looks like they're pulling his intestines from where his heart should be.

I say, they're eating Nick's bowels from his back or chest that is sprawled across Glenn. And this makes Glenn sad. Not sure how to explain his feet not getting eaten, but who knows, the throng of walkers could be interested in the breast pieces, not the drumsticks.

And at the end of this scene:

We have a fairly clear, yet short, shot of glen writhing around on the ground, but a straight shot to the dumpster, where he could hide out (with his walkie talkie) for a while, at least until someone comes along and saves his butt!

So there you have it, my 2.5 cents on why Glenn yet again survived a huge pile of zombies trying to nom nom him up.

I'll part with this screen-grab from tonight's episode...

...and end with asking: who else almost fell out of their seat seeing Michonne almost get yanked off that fence?



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