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I enjoy Halloween because I can dress as my roleplaying humanoid characters or as movie villains and not be thrown into mental institutions one night every year. I have a very short time so I'll list a few of my favorite costumes that are very cheap and why I wear/ design them.

#1 Darth Maul from "Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace"

Yes Sith apprentices like Darth Maul are creepy looking, very scary and fun to dress as. First off you either need a blank white mask/ skull mask and/or if no mask red and orange and black paint. Secondly you need an extra large black thin cloak you can pull over your shoulders head and torso best equipped with its own hood. Last of all take two pairs of wooden or plastic drumsticks, tape them together with duct tape combining each pair and paint them red with permanent marker. Finally, put on the cloak, paint your face or the mask, put on the mask (if required) put on your hood and voila you are now Darth Maul.

#2 Harry Dresden

This is much simpler unless on a tight budget then enlist the services of any free expert knife carvers you know. For this use the same cloak described above, a black bowler or fedora hat, a pentagram necklace, and one large wooden tree branch or staff your height either chopped from a tree or bought in a store. The wood carver is needed to carve off all knobs and carve runes into it making it as smooth as possible. If you can not carve or find a carver, just pain runes all over it. Finally put on the cloak the hat and wear the necklace and walk around using your staff as a walking stick. Now you are Harry Dresden but it helps to practice your voice and "Forzare" spells.

Also this costume minus staff and pentagram necklace looks just like WWE's Undertaker and I voice both well.

#3 Harry Potter

Same cloak but just draw a black lightning bolt/ use one that's a tattoo and color your drumstick the color of his wand and if you want authenticity have a broomstick and a stuffed or living owl. As seen I lack the owl and broomstick but in future articles may use them.

#4 Jace Beleren

Here it becomes complicated. First off you need lots of blue and white clothing or face/skin paint. Secondly you require a blue hoodie/ coat with hood/ or sweater with hood or any and a cap you can hide as a hood. For the paint, use it to paint constellations all over your costume. Make certain you use a drawing entirely for reference or else you will end up as I did at the 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con . Yes that was me in the middle in costume and yes I paint poorly on clothing. Then again it was done the night before and I was tired. The pants never washed off and I still own them today and they still fit.

That's all for this year. Best of luck! :)


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