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A few months ago it was announced that Mortal Kombat would receive the reboot treatment, and even though I've said many times that this reboot will probably be the next big thing in Hollywood, it probably won't be half as great if they don't include these five things.

5. Blood and Gore

I almost feel like I don't need to include this as something they need to have in the new movies, because it's obvious. But sometimes Hollywood seems to be quite clueless about what the fans actually want. So, to the people behind the project... Mortal Kombat can NOT be rated anything less than R.

4. Obscure Characters

We know who Sub-Zero and Scorpion are already. So what fans really need to see are some of the more obscure Mortal Kombat ninjas like Rain or Smoke. They could add more to the story than what's already been established, and give us a wider variety of fights to look at and enjoy.

Speaking of fighting...

3. The action sequences HAVE to be the best!

I think it's safe to say that Mortal Kombat is the greatest fighting game ever made. So a movie with even mediocre action sequences would be disappointing. Going into a Mortal Kombat movie I'm definitely gonna expect some mind blowing stuff.

2. A New Story line

Much like the shooting of Uncle Ben or watching Bruce Wayne's parents die, I'm used to watching traditional storylines play out. Although I won't mind if they used it for the first movie, I wouldn't expect it to drag all the way on throughout the sequels.

1. A Scorpion / Sub-Zero friendship

I know this could be a stretch since it's one of the most well known rivalries in gaming. But I think audiences would like a good team up between the two almost as much as a great fight.

I know I would!


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