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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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The 1980's was filled will too many classics to count. So I'll probably add another list or two so I can satisfy the disappointment you will have in me for not including your favorites!

5. Clue

(Credit: Paramount Pictures)
(Credit: Paramount Pictures)
  • Release date: Dec 13, 1985
  • Director: Jonathan Lynn
  • Cast: Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan, Martin Mull, Colleen Camp
  • IMDb score: 7.3/10

You've probably never heard of this movie, and if you have you're probably surprised to see it on this list. But either way, I felt I had to include this classic flick. Staying true to the game, it follows a group of people who spend the night trying to find out who murdered the ''blackmailer'', While at the same time, each of them get mysteriously picked off.

4. The Night Of The Comet

(Credit: Atlantic Releasing Corporation)
(Credit: Atlantic Releasing Corporation)
  • Release date: November 16, 1984
  • Director: Thom Eberhardt
  • Cast: Robert Beltran, Sharon Farrell, John Achorn, Michael Bowen
  • IMDb score: 6.4/10

Another unexpected choice I know, but this movie is one of my personal favorites and it's about a comet that comes, turns everyone outside into dust, ... as well as turning a few others into zombies. Then you've got these two girls who take advantage of being alone and do almost whatever they want, but the fun fades away quickly once they come in contact with other people.

3. Weird Science

(Credit: Universal Pictures)
(Credit: Universal Pictures)
  • Release date: August 2, 1985
  • Director: John Hughes
  • Cast: Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr., Robert Rusler, Kelly LeBrock
  • IMDb score: 6.6/10

Weird Science still may be a bit of a stretch for you all, But it's a film I could NOT leave out! And for those who don't know, the plot follows the adventure of two unattractive, unpopular, and un-confident, teenage boys who somehow create a full blown woman with their cheesy, 1980's computer, And in return, this woman helps them make their lives better.

2. The Karate Kid

(Credit: Columbia Pictures)
(Credit: Columbia Pictures)
  • Release date: June 22, 1984
  • Director: John G. Avildsen
  • Cast: Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita, Elisabeth Shue, Martin Kove
  • IMDb score: 7.2/10

Maybe now we're getting into the movies you expected to see! This flick does just about everything right. The soundtrack, characters, and story are all superb. And it has one of the most satisfying movie endings from that era. It's too bad the sequels couldn't quite live up to this one though.

1. Back To The Future Part II

(Credit: Universal Pictures)
(Credit: Universal Pictures)
  • Release date: November 22, 1989
  • Director: Robert Zemeckis
  • Cast: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, James Tolkan
  • IMDb score: 7.8/10

So number one is of course Back To The Future Part II. A movie which is still making a buzz today. If you watch the film you'll know why. I mean it's pretty darn perfect on every level, and it's one of the very few sequels to top its original movie.

That was a hard list to make, but I'm not done yet! Watch out for part II of this list!


Which of these films is your favorite?


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