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Batman. Arguably the most popular superhero ever. Over the years, we have been lucky enough to see fantastic stories written around the character, from the fan-favourite Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan, to the popular comic book The Killing Joke. The latest portrayal of this immensely popular character will be seen in DC/WB's extremely anticipated Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, where the Caped Crusader will face the Man of Steel for the first time in a live-action movie.

With rumours suggesting that Ben Affleck's Batman might be getting his own trilogy, I thought it would be a good idea to brainstorm some possible storylines that could be adapted into films. So, here are my top 5 choices of Batman storylines that need a live-action adaptation!

5. The Long Halloween

The Long Halloween is one of those stories which is not centred around a mainstream Batman villain. Instead, it is about a mysterious person, who goes on a killing spree of prominent figures in Gotham... on prominent holidays. Each murder takes place on a holiday (Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc). It also follows the Gotham Underworld, mainly the Falcone and Maroni Crime families.

The comic also traces the story of Harvey Dent, and how he became the villain known as Two-Face. However, what makes this story such a thrilling read is that it really delves into what makes Batman "The World's Greatest Detective", as his skills are put to a challenging test.

4. Endgame

Joker makes a triumphant return with some Ra's al Ghul style regeneration, and this time, he is not in the mood for fun and games! After infecting all of Gotham with a new strain of Joker toxin (finding a cure to which is nearly impossible), he then proceeds to infect the Justice League as well, setting Batman up to face them off.

You thought Iron Man's Hulkbuster armour was awesome? Just wait till you see Batman's "Justice Buster" Bat-suit! (and yes, that IS a thing, directly from the comic).

This story would make an epic movie for obvious reasons. If Batman v Superman looks so epic, imagine Batman versus the Justice League. If that's not enough incentive, the story also features a lot of Batman's primary villains, and something Batman never thought he would have to do... I'll just leave it there!

3. Court of Owls

The Court of Owls is a little known and extremely underrated comic. Batman, after dismissing their existence as a childhood myth, encounters them head on, which him to his physical and emotional limits, as he is forced to battle highly skilled assassins back from the dead. This story also delves into the story of Nightwing.

A novel full of suspense and thrill, it has the potential to be the best Batman movie to date. The Court of Owls knows Gotham's deepest and darkest secrets, and use this immense knowledge of Gotham to their advantage. Even Batman is unable to stop them, and is left beaten, battered, and broken.

2. Death of the Family

Note that this is different from A Death in the Family, which featured the death of Jason Todd.

Death of the Family marks the return of the Joker... and it is not fun. At all. With a decaying face put on as a mask, he returns to traumatise Batman and his allies. This story features most of the Bat-Family, including Alfred, Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, Robin (Damian Wayne), Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), Catwoman, and Commissioner Gordon.

Recreating all his crimes and encounters with Batman one by one, he destroys him mentally, physically, and emotionally, as he knows all of Batman's secrets... which terrifies him. Jared Leto's Joker could pull off this psychopathic look extremely well. This story is simply chilling to the bones; full of suspense and horror. This was the ultimate test of the Bat-Family, as they set out to avenge the wrongs done to them by this one man.

1. No Man's Land

Batman (and Bruce Wayne, for that matter) loves his city more than anything else in the world. And then is comes crumbling down to the ground, literally. After being completely devastated by an earthquake, Gotham is shut off from the outside world with no supplies, power, or transportation, and is even removed as a part of the US.

What comes next is an extremely horrifying situation. Gotham is divided and ruled by gangs of criminals, and classic Batman villains including Penguin and Killer Croc. Basic rules of humanity don't matter, only survival does. With no Batcave, no allies, no communications, and the remnants of the GCPD against him, Batman is forced to do unthinkable acts in order to restore order to his city.

The story wide variety of Batman villains, including Joker, Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy, Penguin, Firefly, and Killer Croc. This story portrays what Batman TRULY stands for, as he tries to establish law and order in Gotham once again, and be a symbol of hope and justice for the people. I can totally see Ben Affleck taking on this role of a beaten down Batman, who is willing to step outside his moral code in order to protect his city.

These are some of Batman's deepest, darkest, and most thrilling Batman stories ever written, and have the potential to make awesome movies. Each one of them explore different aspects of what defines Batman, either his detective skills, his resilience and determination, or his will to protect the ones precious to him.

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