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I have read every Walking Dead comic and Novel to date.
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Message from Scott M. Gimple to the fans of The Walking Dead.

"Dear Fans of The Walking Dead,
This is a hard story to tell, and when we were planning to tell it we knew our friends at Talking Dead would be talking to you about it. And knowing you would all be talking and feeling and commiserating I knew we should say something about it, lest our silence say something we didn't mean to say or not say. So I'll say this: In some way we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn again either in flashback or in the current story to help complete the story."

This message is pretty simple in its meaning. We will see Glenn again either as Glenn in the present, meaning he will survive, some version of Glenn, meaning Glenn is dead and now a walker, or some parts of Glenn meaning Maggie is pregnant! Glenn will help complete the story as in Maggie being pregnant will be the only reason Maggie has not to kill herself. This baby will give her the strength to continue on and become the leader of a new community not yet introduced to fans who have not read the comics.

Always a fighter
Always a fighter

R.I.P Glenn you were always a fighter and you never gave up!


Is Glenn really dead??


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