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Fact 1-

JJ Abrams is a Star Wars fan and knows what and who made the original movies so great. That’s one reason why he brought back the original cast, to help give this new movie more of the original feel. Of all the original primary cast, who is missing- Darth Vader. Anyone else read (besides me) in the beginning stages of the movie being developed there was Vader talk? All of a sudden that chatter stopped, or was it told to stop as not to leak anything? (If Darth Vader is dead…why are there so many toys out with him all over everything Star wars? Why not embrace the next bad guy?)

Fact 2-

April 2015 Comic-Con, a trailer was released. Luke Skywalker spoke, “My father has it.” This statement is present tense. This is the biggest “Vader’s alive” fact ever. JJ Abrams didn’t put this into the trailer by accident. Mark Hamill, while on stage during Comic-Con mentioned repeatedly how difficult that line was for him to say during the recording process for the trailer. Why did Mark bring this up unless it was meant to be a clue for people? He all but drew us a picture of a guy in a black mask! Watch the trailer again, Luke's words coincide with showing the melted Vader mask.

Fact 3-

The co-writer for The Force Awakens is Lawrence Kasdan. The same man who wrote ESB and ROTJ. This guy knows the Star Wars universe, he helped write it, so if anyone would know how to write in a Vader lives story line it would be him. It would be easier than most people think to keep Vader alive. The Luke / Vader battle was on the second Death Star right? The first Death Star had a “chamber” Darth Vader could live in with his helmet off. Remember that short scene we see the back of Vader’s head as he spins and his helmet comes down while he’s sitting in a big egg looking chamber. Proof he can live with his helmet off, at least for a little while. Wouldn’t it make sense the second Death Star would have a chamber for Vader also? So when Luke removed his father’s helmet after the fight, it did not mean instant death for Vader. Only Luke and Vader where in that scene. There were no witnesses at the end of that fight. The Emperor was dead. Luke could have carried “dad” off to his chamber? He could have jettisoned Vader in an escape pod to the planet surface where he saves him later? Anyway it happens, we know Vader’s funeral pyre was held on Endor. That’s the planet they were on at the end of the battle and it sure wasn’t held on the Death Star. He got down to the surface somehow, Luke?

We saw Darth Vader’s suit burn over a fire. We do not know for a fact his body was in the suit. Luke could have removed his father and burned the suit for show. Lawrence Kasdan would be the person who could make that story happen.

In The Force Awakens, Luke Skywalker is rumored to be on a planet in hiding or protecting Sith artifacts. Hiding/protecting what?...or who? The planet is supposed to have something to do with the Sith. Vader was a Sith. Is it possible Luke is hiding and caring after his father? Luke is said to have a smaller but very important role in this movie and we are to wonder if he has turned evil during his exile. If he has been on a planet known to be the Sith home world and evil related, and has been exposed to his father who was for a time the most evil man in the universe, doesn’t it make sense some of that evil would rub off by exposure to it for 30 years? Sounds like a possible story line to me. By the end of the movie we are supposed to find out that Luke is still a good guy. This could be accomplished by revealing he’s been caring for Vader/Dad for the past 30 years. He was hiding to shield the force presence Vader gives off.

Fact 4-

Anakin was said to be the one who will bring balance and peace to the universe in movie number one, The Phantom Menace. The Force Awakens, movie number 7, there still is no balance and no peace in the Star Wars universe. If this balance concept is true, as Star Wars fans have been told, Anakin can’t be dead. The Star Wars movies are really based around this one character and his story of good and evil. Is JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan going to now after 6 movies change this, I doubt it.

The more facts Disney releases only seem to further support my theory of Darth Vader being alive. Kylo Ren is not a Sith. He is just a fan of Vader. The (much maligned) cross guard light saber Ren made himself is proof he's no pro. (Kinda off topic but worth noting, Benicio del Toro is rumored to be the bad guy in the next movie. Who dies off in this one to make the need of a new bad guy? Kylo Ren maybe?)

Once the Emperor died in ROTJ, Darth Vader would become the Sith master. There can only be one master and one apprentice. So far there has been no word of a Sith master or apprentice from Disney. If a alive Vader is the master and he didn’t take an apprentice, the Sith line stops. If the line hasn’t been heard from for 30 years, a new evil would fill the vacuum. Enter Kylo Ren and the First Order.

The name of the new movie is The Force Awakens. Someone “Force Sensitive” apparently awakens during this movie. People are probably assuming that the force that awakens is Luke coming from his long exile to help fight the First Order. What if it is actually Darth Vader being awoken?

Once again I remind you that JJ Abrams is a Star Wars fan. One of the biggest twists in any movie was the “Luke I am your father” scene in ESB. It was filmed like any other scene to the movie with David Prowse in the Vader suit saying lines. But later on, George Lucas, an audio technician and James Earl Jones went into a sound booth and recorded the now famous, “Luke I am your father” words and George Lucas dropped those words in at the very end of editing the movie. Even some of the cast didn’t know anything about that story twist until they saw the first screening of the movie some of them would later say during interviews. Is it possible Mr. Abrams will do something similar? I think so. Such a scene might not even be filmed yet. Anyone know if Mark Hamill did any solo reshoots of scenes? The fact that JJ Abrams has said how long the edited movie is doesn’t mean much. He could have 3 minutes saved for one yet to be filmed scene.

Does anyone else remember reading the articles about Hayden Christensen rumored to be training for Star Wars 8 now filming in England? If true, this again supports my theory that Vader is alive. They could show him with mask off and a scared face and aged with make up and it’d help tie in all the movies. Would it help to make the series seamless? Sure. If we saw him walk he might be too short, compared to Mark Hamill who is 5’9” tall. That’s why Vader looked so imposing compared to Luke. Hayden is only 6’ tall where as David Prowse, the original man in the Vader suit was 6’6” tall, but hey its Hollywood and between camera angles and the fact they can stuff anyone in the suit, it would work.

The movie flows along, we fans are all thrilled to see the original cast together again on the big screen. Luke is found and the force begins to be used and spoken of again. Now imagine a scene like this at the very end of the movie-

Luke goes back to the Sith home planet alone. Walks into a room and we see a person laying sleeping in a dark place. Luke reaches and shakes the person. “ Father, I need your help” We all know who his father is. The audience would go nuts. If we hear Vader breathing or more yet Vader say something like “ Son,” wouldn’t’ that be quite the set up for the next Star Wars movie? And as much as we the fans love the movie(s) never forget that movies are made to make money for the companies that make the movie, in this case Disney. You want to guarantee the next Star Wars is even bigger than this one, reveal Darth Vader still alive at the end of this one. There could be no bigger set up for the next movie and the amount of press and interest this would start would be astronomical. The power of the force would really be awake. Luke and Darth Vader would be on the same side to bring balance to the universe as Vader asked him to do in ESB. That would be a heck of a tie in coup for JJ!! Vader Lives, wait and see.


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