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Although he might have been a faithful soldier for the Rebellion, it seems Chewbacca has finally succumbed to the temptations of the Dark side -- and he's getting in trouble for it.

The devoted co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon was arrested on Sunday in Odessa, Ukraine. His crime? Campaigning for Darth Vader in the local mayoral elections.

As ridiculous as all that sounds, it is technically all true, as this video below testifies:

What The Hell Is Going On Here?

Ok, so yeah, I think some explanation is in order.

'Chewbacca' was arrested on Sunday for a crime concerning canvassing on an election day -- something which is outlawed in Ukraine. Additionally, it was also claimed he refused to submit his identification when asked by police officers, while his Imperial shuttle (or more accurately mini-van) was also blocking access to the polling station. Faced with this, the police had no option but to take the rebellious Wookiee into custody, a job which took four officers and the use of some brute force.

Chewbacca is apparently a member of Ukraine's Internet Party, a fringe political party that is headed by none other than Darth Vader (seriously, a guy actually changed his name). The Internet Party has somewhat separated from the Empire's former policy of exploding planets and now campaigns for free computer lessons for Ukrainians and a transitional to digital media.

It was reported by Sky that Lord Vader was also furious when he arrived at the polling station, as their was no record of his name on the voter registry, despite the fact the galactic Sith Lord holds a Ukrainian passport. Luckily, he was in a merciful mood and no Force-chokings were reported.

Chewbacca on the other hand was bundled off to court, where he appeared before judges and was ordered to pay 170 hryvnia ($7.50) for the disturbance. It's not clear how he got away with such a lenient sentence, although he may have used the Chewbacca defence. Despite this, our conscientious (and slightly disheveled) Wookiee remained resolute to the end and according to Ukrainian media claimed he could not pay the fine "as his funds are an intergalactic bank that has no branches on this planet." The Ukrainian court did snap the following photo however, which I think we can all agree is worth much more than $7.50.

This isn't the latest incident in Ukraine involving Darth Vader. Last week a former statue of Lenin -- which was due to be removed due to a new Ukrainian law banning communist iconography -- was transformed into Darth Vader by artist Aleksander Milov. It seems the Internet Party's Vader would have been particularly pleased with the makeover since the new statue came complete with a free WIFI hub. But don't be under any illusions, it is still Lenin under the mask. Milov explained:

The bronze Lenin was left inside, so that the grateful or not-so-grateful descendants could exhume him, if needed.

When asked by local media about the change, warehouse manager Semyon Horbunov, taking inspiration from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, stated:

Everything flows and nothing abides. New heroes replace old ones, and this is how the world goes round.

Unfortunately, Darth Vader might have to try a bit harder before he can take over Ukraine democratically, as in the 2014 elections the Internet Party only managed to get 0.36% of the vote.

Source: Sky, Huffington Post


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