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It was once suggested that Halloween should just be renamed 'Klum-o-ween' because, over the years, Heidi Klum has proven she has the best costume game in the bizz. Pulling out all the stops each hallow's eve, she constantly hits the top spots on the costume lists and, it looks like this year won't be an exception. In less than one week's time, Klum is aiming to own Halloween once again, this time with an outfit that is 'sort of a male's fantasy.'

And that's the only hint Klum gave, leaving us all to speculate which male fantasy she's attempting to recreate this year. Of course, this won't be a half-arsed costume prep and naturally she has a whole team of professionals working with her.

“I am working with Mike Marino from Prosthetic Renaissance and his team to make this year’s costume. They cast my entire body — eyes open! — to make the special pieces to make my costume come alive.”

Looking at the facial reconstruction, namely the brow line, could we be seeing Klum as Jessica Rabbit?

Or maybe she'll break the internet with a Kardashian-esque derriere?

Or maybe she's looking to seduce a president, in a gold-sequined Marilyn Monroe costume?

Klum has shared some of the behind-the-scenes process and although it certainly looks like a lot of hard work, it also looks really fun!

However, she could just be playing with us, and the 'male's fantasy' she refers to could be Iron Man or the Hulk or something. Guess we'll have to wait and see! In the meantime, if you'd forgotten what a queen of the costume Klum is, allow me to remind you of her track record to date...

Lady Godiva - 2001

Betty Boop - 2002

Predator - 2003

Red Witch - 2004

Vampire - 2005

Serpent and the Apple - 2006

(Seal went as Eve, nach)

Cat - 2007

Kali - 2008

Crow - 2009

Alien - 2010

Cadaver - 2011

Little Old Me - 2013

Butterfly - 2014

Source: People, Uproxx, US


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