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2015 has shaped up to be a year of increased awareness for transgender issues. First of all, there was Caitlyn Jenner's public transition from male to female that has informed and inspired many of us; then there was Orange Is The New Black star Laverne Cox, a trans woman of color, who has gone from strength to strength in her rising career this year. We have also seen other mainstream celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, and now Ruby Rose, speak out on gender fluidity and bringing the idea of deconstructing traditional gender norms to the masses -- giving so many a voice.

Ruby Rose, alongside Ed Sheeran, recently hosted the 2015 EMAs that took place in Milan, Italy.

Check out this awesome promotional artwork!
Check out this awesome promotional artwork!

The star was mesmerizing while unforgettable displaying her many splendid outfits that she had on rotation throughout the evening (one of which was made out of spaghetti), as well as using a flamethrower to great effect. Yet, we are happy to report that what has really got people buzzed about Ruby Rose's hosting skills was a simple yet powerful sentence she said during the show:

“Ladies and gentleman and everyone in between.”

It's understandable that not everyone will immediately realize the gravity of the statement and why it has got everyone on social media talking. The reason is that the statement 'everyone in between' is an inclusive one, encompassing the many millions of people who do not wholly identify within the labels of 'female' and 'male.' Rose was acknowledging them and inviting them to share the EMA experience. Now how amazingly badass is that?

Ruby herself identifies as gender fluid, acknowledging that she does not feel female despite biologically being one, but also does not identify as entirely male either. Rose's on point fashion choices often express an androgynous tone that appears to be an authentic expression of how she feels on the inside.

Twitter also went crazy:

It is great to see celebrities embrace their own gender identities, helping those who look up to them to feel better about themselves. Keep inspiring and expressing yourself, Ruby!


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