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Over the last few years DC has been working hard to produce some quality content for their television universe, with Arrow and The Flash having paved the way for the upcoming spin-off Legends of Tomorrow.

However, their cinematic universe is also beginning to take shape, with upcoming movies such as Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman set to prove DC can still produce unparalleled superhero movies featuring tortured protagonists and emphatically dark thematics.

In 2017 we can expect to be introduced to Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious franchise), directed by Patty Jenkins (Monster, Five), and written by Jason Fuchs and William M. Marston. We also know that Chris Pine is set to star alongside Wonder Woman as Steve Trevor.

Besides those establishing facts, we really don't know much yet - however, recently released a few interesting plot points which construct the beginning of the Wonder Woman narrative.

To begin with, it's been suggested that we could get a cameo appearance from Affleck's Batman. It makes sense, DC is striving to construct a world suitable for the Justice League movie to take place, so having pre-established connections between characters is vital. Having a more character-based narrative should serve to give the world a stronger sense of realism and draw the narrative together.

It's unclear what Batman's role will be in the movie, but it's been suggested that he could simply be an observer who approaches Wonder Woman after the climax of her movie debut. Sound familiar? Personally, I think his suggested role seems to be surprisingly similar to Marvel's Nick Fury, the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. who popped up at the end of a few movies to let them know about the Avengers Initiative.

It's unlikely Batman will rally the Justice League, however, as a founding member it would make sense for him to know several members prior to the Justice League movie.

Moreover, it has also been revealed that Wonder Woman will take place prior to Batman v Superman, so when the two characters meet in BvS they will already be acquainted. If the Suicide Squad rumors are to be believed, then it will also serve as a Batman v Superman prequel; we know DC are building to a combined universe, which would explain why they're injecting Batman into everything.

What else can we expect? has also revealed that the antagonists of the movie will be none other than Ares and Circe, so it seems we're really getting a taste of the Wonder Woman comic books.

For those of you who are unaware of the history of Wonder Woman -- I've thrown together a little information on the classic characters.

1. Circe

Based on the figure 'Circe' from Greek mythology -- a goddess who turned Odysseus' men into pigs, DC's Circe is a powerful sorceress who has lived for centuries due to 'vitae,' a powerful elixir.

Wonder Woman and Circe share a powerful enmity, with Circe appearing many times throughout the comic books in an antagonistic role. Although she often uses her sorcery to transform men into animals resembling their personality, including turning Superman into a cat.

In later, post-crisis renditions she is shown to have a talent for mind-control and the character was ultimately reinvented, but she continued to play an antagonistic witch.

2. Ares

The DC character Ares is depicted similarly to the original Greek God of War by the same name. The malevolent character delights in war... naturally, and has played a long-running antagonist of Wonder Woman, as due to her status as an Amazonian they have a natural hatred.

Often depicted as a powerful and daunting figure, in later depictions the character possessed Ari Buchanan -- a lowly criminal, whose name he changed to Ares Buchanan. Eventually Ares became a powerful businessman and provided weapons to fuel gang wars and make himself more powerful.

Over his time in the comics, Ares changed his name from the God of War to the God of Conflict, but quickly became the God of the Dead, replacing Hades. As an antagonistic figure Ares has repeatedly tried to start World War III; could this be his role in Wonder Woman?

With Wonder Woman due to premiere in 2017 we have quite a long time to wait for the movie. Fortunately, though, that gives DC plenty of time to build foundations for their inevitable Justice League movie.

If it's done right JL has the potential to be a darker, grittier equivalent of Marvel's Avengers, filling a hole in the superhero movie genre. Hopefully they aren't building to a League in which Batman repeatedly takes center stage. But what do you think?


Are you optimistic about the Wonder Woman movie?



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