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It's Lionel Richie!

Adele has returned from her three year hiatus to slay the entire general public with her musical brilliance. The first single off the 'Make You Feel My Love' star's third album '25' is entitled 'Hello' and is making a huge buzz both on social media and in terms of commercial success.

The song has also inspired a wave of Lionel Richie comparisons, specifically with his song also called 'Hello.' The two songs actually have a lot in common: They both have stripped back instrumentation; both are ballads; both have the singers using phones in the music videos (Adele sporting a noughties throwback flip phone because she believes iPhones to be anti-narrative).

Even Lionel Richie himself has addressed the similarity in a hilarious and well-meaning way.

The 'All Night Long' star posted this quote on his Instagram:

“HELLO @adele is it me you’re looking for…”

Accompanied with the picture:

Lionel also shared the ingenious mash-up of the two songs that really must be watched by all.

Adele went on to acknowledge the similarity of the two songs and playfully commented in an interview that the two should have a "hello-off."

'Hello' is taking off across the Internet and amassed an astonishing 50 million views in a mere 54 hours.

Even other celebrities are caught up in the unstoppable mania of the '25' star's new song:

It looks like the stars are aligning yet again for everyone's favorite singer—expect an unparalleled smash. It also looks like flip phones are about to come back in force.

Good luck with the new album, Adele!


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