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A creepy stalker has been trespassing and leaving messages at Benedict Cumberbatch's London property which has understandably left the actor fearing for the safety of his family.

The stalker is supposedly an obsessed fan of Cumberbatch's hit TV show, Sherlock, and has made at least two trips to the actor's home, leaving tokens in the form of small red ribbons; one tied to their front window and the other to his car.

The ribbons are presumably a reference to the popular Arthur Conan Doyle story 'A Study in Scarlet' which depicts Watson, Sherlock’s sidekick, tying his case files up with red ribbons.

As Cumberbatch has a newborn baby at home, naturally he has not taken this invasion of privacy lightly and has placed an official complaint with the Metropolitan Police.

UK publication The Mirror reports,

“Benedict is used to people mobbing him wherever he goes and he’s a good sport about it. But this individual has taken things to the next level and there was no option but to pursue official action.
"Turning up at professional events is one thing, but arriving uninvited at the family home is quite another. It might be that she thinks it’s ­harmless, but it does feel a bit sinister. Leaving red ribbons is obviously a bit of a game, but it does feel quite dark.”

Benedict, who is currently enjoying a very successful career, is certainly no stranger to public attention. He has a legion of followers who go by the name Cumberbitches, and usually handles the attention with a good-sported nature. This incident, however, was a step too far.

The woman has now been issued an official police notice regarding harassment and is forbidden from contacting the actor.

Benedict has also stepped up his security at the London theater where he is currently performing.

Source: The Mirror, Uproxx


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