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Kim Kardashian isn't shy about shouting from the roof tops about how much her fans mean to her, and now the reality star has put her money where her mouth is by inviting some lucky fans to share her birthday brunch.

In typical Kardashian style, Kim used her love of social media to help her select the super fans who she deemed fit to dine in style with her. The 33-year-old star wrote on Twitter that:

Along with meeting their idol Kim K, the lucky fans also had the chance to koo over North West when Kanye dropped by with the smallest member of the Klan:

Perhaps surprisingly, not many pictures of the event have emerged just yet, but there is this hilarious video of Kim pulling her best selfie game for a video below:

For those of you who are burning with jealousy right now, it seems like there will be a chance to join the celeb next year, Kim wrote on Twitter that:

(Source: Just Jared)


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