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WARNING: Spoilers for episode 3 of The Walking Dead ahead!

While there was probably only one thing you were able to focus on during this Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, you may be interested in knowing that one very cool cameo almost certainly passed you by!

Check out the gif below and see if you notice any familiar faces, aside from Glenn and Nicholas's that is:

Did you spot him? Here's a closer look:

The Talking Dead/AMC
The Talking Dead/AMC

Still don't recognize him?! Well, don't be too embarrassed because he is supposed to be a rotting, walking corpse, but under all that makeup is executive producer, and special effects master Greg Nicotero.

Chris Hardwick revealed the walker's true identity during last night's episode of The Talking Dead, and as it turns out, the dumpster walker is Nicotero's fifth time appearing as a walker on the show!

So where else might you have seen the man who creates the walkers, as a walker before? Here are three of his previous appearances:

Season 1, episode 3


After gnawing on Daryl's freshly caught deer, this former businessman walker saw the pointy end of an arrow, which quickly put an end to him.

Season 1, episode 4


It seems fitting that Nicotero's next walker was killed by Andrea, because in Season 1, Greg Nicotero played the horrible roamer who bit and killed Andrea's little sister, Amy. Somehow this walker was able to get near the campsite and surprise Amy at Dale's RV. The gang got their revenge though, when they beat the walker to death, and then burned him.

Season 3, episode 9

This was one of the two walkers who managed to get inside Woodbury, thanks to a hole left by Rick and the gang, and eat resident Richard Foster. Ultimately, this hungry biter was put down by Andrea.

I was unable to find Nicotero's fourth walker appearance, but no doubt he caused some sort of problem for the gang and looked totally beastly. If anyone can locate his scene, please post it in the comments!

The Walking Dead episode 4 will air on Sunday, November 1st on AMC

Source: Comicbook, Reddit


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