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It's been over a decade since Ross and Rachel announced their baby news on Friends, and even longer still since little baby Ben arrived into the world, and if that doesn't make you feel old, these pictures of the little blighters now will probably do the job.

So, let's take a walk down memory lane and remind ourselves of the moments we welcomed the smallest members of the Friends family onto our screens and see what has become of the infant actors who got the whole nation cooing all those years ago.

Baby Emma

After making her presence known with the hilarious "condoms only work 97% of the time!" moment in the clip above, Emma enchanted us all with her adorable chubby cheeks and love of Sir Mix-a-Lot, but all was not quite what it seemed with this little one.

As any Friends mega-fan will tell you, Emma was actually played by identical twins to ease the pressure put on the baby on set and a picture of the now 14-year-old actors named Cali and Noelle Sheldon surfaced online a few years ago.

Cali and Noelle
Cali and Noelle

Clearly the casting agent was some sort of clairvoyant because they definitely have the same oval face and blue eyes as Jennifer Aniston now they are almost grown!

Although they were probably the most famous infant on TV for a spell, unfortunately they don't remember their time being doted over by the Friends cast, Noelle told Bustle that:

"A lot of people in our school watch it, and most of them know we were in it, so they think that's pretty cool."

Whereas Cali explained that:

"I don't remember anything about being on the show, but I've seen the pictures."
Emma with the Friends girls
Emma with the Friends girls

So, where are they now?

As well as playing another child in 2006 movie Novel Romance, more recently, Noelle acted in a short called Maxwell in 2013, while her sister Cali starred with her in Agorable. Check them out in the entire short movie below:

Baby Ben

Ross and Carol's son Ben has been played by multiple little darlings throughout the show, but Michael Gunderson (Seasons 1-3) and twins Charles Thomas and John Christoper Allen (Seasons 3-5) have all fallen off the radar.

For this reason we will focus on the older incarnation of Ben who showcased his adorable toothy grin in Seasons 6 to 8, Cole Sprouse.

This not-so-little guy is now an enormous 22-year-old, and has even managed to graduate university since he enchanted us on the show:

Cole Sprouse (left) with his twin Dylan (right)
Cole Sprouse (left) with his twin Dylan (right)

So, where are they now?

You probably all recognize Cole from his role alongside his twin brother on Disney's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but he has also been in a few lesser known feature films.

Look out for Cole (and Dylan) in the 2004 independent movie The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things and 2009's The Kings of Appletown.

The Suite Life of Zac and Cody
The Suite Life of Zac and Cody

Alongside their acting careers, the brothers have both gained degrees from NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study. In an interview with Teen Vogue, they explained that they made a conscious effort to distance themselves from their careers as child stars, Cole explained:

"Dylan and I made the conscious decision to distance ourselves from the industry quite a bit. And we went to an educational institution; a very prestigious institution. We had considered that to be a successful move. But because it wasn't acting or entertainment, which is very often considered a pinnacle profession where you can't do something better than acting, singing, or anything like that, it was seen as something negative. Which was interestingit was tinted with a narrative of failure. Right after the show had ended, we were being hounded. So we really wanted to step out and fade away from the industry and, you know, we were pleasantly surprised at how often people reached out wondering what we were doing and where we were."

And if you were wondering what Cole studied, I'm sure his on screen dad Ross would be super proud that he carried on the tradition of digging up the past by studying archeology. Hurrah!

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