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Over the last couple of weeks, actress Kate Hudson raised an eyebrow or two for sparking a new relationship with a Jonas Brother. Nick Jonas, to be precise.

They've been snapped having brunch, hanging out at clubs, and even at Disneyland, giving us more and more reasons to think that they're definitely at it.

And interestingly, when Kate was asked about her relationship with Nick at an event earlier this week, her reply was just this:

"Oh god, yeah, oh yeah...see ya later."

Confused? Yeah, so am I.

Appearing on the Ellen Degeneres Show last Thursday, it seems that Nick also chose to be coy, refusing to outright deny anyway. When the cheeky host delved a little into his private life, Jonas acted all innocent.

Asking about his most recent break-up, the musician answered:

"You know, it’s an adjustment. I was with my ex [Olivia Culpo] for two years and when my life dramatically changed — I started touring and doing all of these projects — it was an adjustment doing it alone.”
Nick Jonas with ex Olivia Culpo
Nick Jonas with ex Olivia Culpo

To which Ellen chimed in, referencing Nick's most recent escapades with Hudson, leaving the star blushing:

"You don't seem to be alone. [...] There’s someone who ends up being in the same city as you all the time, coincidentally."

Oops Nick! It seems like you've been caught out pal!

Watch the interview in full here:

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