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Well, the title says it all, folks- there's a brand new image of Jared Leto as the Suicide Squad's Clown Prince of Crime that just hit the web, complete with official standard issue Arkham Asylum pants, a purple trench coat (more than a little insensitive to Killer Croc in design), his tattoos, bright green hair, and a cane.

Even moreso than in the original release to me personally this just screams The Joker. Having watched endless set videos and read endless reports I couldn't have more faith in Leto's take on the character, but this cover is just perfection as a fan to me. From the menacing, black rimmed eyes glaring at you to the red lips and bleached white skin, he certainly gives off a Joker look that harks to Grant Morrison's take on the character. I love the hallucinogenic green and purple mashup, it's very Joker-esque (and so colourless, right?)

The cane's inspiration?
The cane's inspiration?

This marks the first time we've got something official that's purple besides his gloves for Leto's Joker, in the form of this glorious Joker trench coat very similar to several he's work in games and comics (Arkham Origins particularly comes to mind). We did, it's worth noting, see this costume very briefly in the trailer-

On top of this, everything we've seen officially of this Joker is thus him in Arkham Asylum (or more accurately breaking out of it), not out in public, where he likes his gun holsters and purple shirts. I reached out to Empire Magazine to confirm if these were official and if we'd get a release soon, and this was their reply-

- so we can be quite sure it's coming. What's even more exciting? This is just the Collector's Edition subscriber cover. The standard cover, which I'm told will certainly feature Suicide Squad still, is yet to be released. Expect lots of Squad goodies, from new pictures to news, over the next few days, akin to what we received for Batman v Superman from Empire (along with a LOT of news).

Until then, DC Extended Universe fans, hang in there! We've got plenty more amazing stuff to come, but this amazing cover is one hell of a start!


Who would you like to see on the official cover?


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