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Season 6 of The Walking Dead is surely shaping up to be the most intense season yet and when a season starts out so strong, no one is safe. In order to keep the tension high and the viewer count even higher, the walker hordes must get bigger, the villains have to be meaner and the death scenes must be more shocking. Last night's episode 'Thank You' was intense but shrouded in mystery.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for the show and the comic series. If you have not read the comics or seen the episode 'Thank You,' read at your own risk.

Was Rick bitten?

What Happened: While running back to Alexandria, Rick encounters a small group of walkers enjoying an afternoon snack. They are aware of his presence almost immediately and move in to attack. Rick, being the fighter that he is, pulls out a knife and goes to work. His knife breaks when it gets stuck in the first walker's head. After that, his hand comes dangerously close to a walker's mouth and his hand is bloody and he can be seen looking at it and holding it. Was Rick bitten or did he simply just cut himself?

Theory: In the comic series, Rick does indeed lose his hand to the Governor so it is entirely feasible to believe that he may lose it on the show. Since the Governor is dead, it would make sense that he loses it to a walker, or perhaps Negan. Judging by the way Rick reacted to the situation, it is certainly pointing to him being bitten. The cameras never panned in close enough to his hand to tell, but it's not looking good.

Character Changes

What Happened: In the picture above, Nicholas can be seen killing a walker. The walker was a 19-year-old boy that he and his group had left behind on an earlier mission. Nicholas has not been known to be the nicest guy or have the biggest conscience, but since he and Glenn had their scuffle in the woods he seems to be a changed man. During the entire venture through town Nicholas seems to be a little off (more so than usual) and seems to be looking a bit guilty for his past actions. He insists that he take care of the walker under the car. Michonne and Heath have their own little group inside of a pet store and three of them are injured, and saying that they should be left behind. Heath is all for leaving them there but Michonne has other plans, and after a heated conversation, Heath sees things her way.

Theory: Nicholas changed when Glenn pretty much saved his life last season. When he saw the results of his past wrong doings, he began to regret his past behavior. Heath and Michonne are going to be quite close since their conversation and narrow escape from death.

Nicholas' Suicide

What Happened: Since his introduction, Nicholas has been a very volatile person and had no problem throwing another person to the walkers to save his own skin. Towards the end of last season and the beginning of Season 6, he has begun to change. He began functioning like a person with a soul and caring about more than just himself. While the group was leading the herd of walkers away from Alexandria, Nicholas and Glenn's group ran into some trouble and were forced to make some quick decisions. Nicholas's behavior became a bit erratic and he became emotional. He and Glenn got cornered in an alley and were forced to climb to the top of a dumpster and fight for their lives. The pair ran out of ammo and Nicholas panicked, turning his gun on himself and using his last bullet to end his life.

Theory: Nicholas killed himself because he could no longer live with the guilt of the things that he had done. The second reason he did it was a way to sacrifice himself to see that Glenn got out alive. Glenn had saved him previously and I think this was Nicholas's twisted way of repaying him.

Is Glenn Dead?

What Happened: As Nicholas's lifeless body fell into the mob of walkers below, Glenn fell with him. The walkers pounced on the easy meal and cameras panned out as it appeared the Glenn was being ripped to shreds and devoured. The camera stayed steady on his face and all that can be seen are pieces of intestines and blood splatters out of the bottom of the frame, but were they Glenn's?

Theory: While it sure wasn't looking good for Glenn as the camera panned out to show the small space he was laying in become engulfed with walkers, I don't believe that Glenn is dead. I think that was Nicholas's body being ripped to shreds on top of Glenn. Glenn will somehow wait out this snacking group of walkers and answer Rick on the walkie. The slow motion and camera angles certainly point to Glenn not being walker lunch. Not to mention, photos and fan stories suggest that Steven Yeun (who plays Glenn on the show) is still filming. While it is possible that he is filming as a walker, I believe that Glenn is alive and (sort of) well.

There is no question that last night's episode of The Walking Dead was full of all sorts of feels, but I believe that most will be resolved come next week. With a show so unpredictable, only time will tell for sure. It is only going to get more bloody and more intense as the season rolls on.


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