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A hospital is meant to be a safe space where patients can concentrate on recovering in a caring atmosphere, but Lamar Odom has been subjected to a very different experience thanks to his fame.

The former NBA star has been in the hospital since Tuesday, October 13, after suffering several mini strokes while he was unconscious and under the influence of narcotics at a Nevada brothel. Although he is reportedly "doing much better, little by little," and has now been transferred to Cedars-Sinai, Odom has sadly been subject to some serious breaches of security by members of hospital staff trying to snap his picture in secret.

The brothel where Lamar fell unconscious
The brothel where Lamar fell unconscious

According to TMZ, several members of staff from the Las Vegas hospital Odom was previously staying at have been fired after it came to light that they were trying to sneak pictures of the desperately ill star while he fought for his life. It is also suggested that one staffer tried to gain access to Lamar's medical records in violation of HIPAA rules.

While none of the Kardashians have yet spoken out about this shocking breach of privacy on social media, it seems like they are all sticking by Lamar's side as he walks the long and difficult road to recovery.

TMZ is reporting that Khloé and Lamar have canceled divorce proceedings and will stay together on one important condition: That he stays off drugs for good.

Hopefully this near-death experience will be a catalyst to help Lamar conquer his addictions for the final time and go on to live a more healthy and fulfilling life.

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