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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Take one bed, add one Cara Delevingne and one Kendall Jenner and you get a recipe for a hot, steaming tabloid field day, it seems. Cara and Kendall's flirty pic was posted to Cara Delevingne's Instagram using the pair's cutesy abbreviation for themselves 'CaKe' ie. CaraKendall...

For a bit of context, Cara and Kendall were wearing matching striped pajamas as that was the required dress code for the day's big event: Kim Kardashian's baby shower.

This is certainly not the first flirty pic that Cara and Kendall have posed for together. This pic sparked a thousand "shippers" -- that's what the kids call supporting one relationship pairing in particular.

Kendall has enjoyed a boost in her Instagram presence from her pics with and about Cara, with this adorable photo taking pride of place on Cara's page.

Cara Delevingne has always been good-humored about the various couple rumors sparked by her flirty pics taken with female friends, even joking about it on her Instagram page:

Cara Delevingne seems pretty happy with girlfriend Annie Clark -- who goes by the stage name St. Vincent in her art-rock outfit -- so it's unlikely she's anything more than buddies with Kendall Jenner.

I'm not sure why the media are going nuts about Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner cozying up in bed when there are far more thrilling snaps on her Instagram page -- just check out this one of Cara with Margot Robbie!

DC's Suicide Squad may not hit theaters until August 5, 2016, but Cara and Margot (a.k.a. Enchantress and Harley Quinn) will keep us entertained until then!

Source: Instagram, YouTube, The Mirror, The Daily Mail


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