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When Ruby Rose first came on the scene, comparisons to Justin Bieber were pretty much inevitable. Between the impeccably cropped hair, an extensive collection of tattoos, and a very similar fashion sense, these two share more in common than most actual twins out there.

The resemblance is so unavoidable, even Ruby's character on Orange Is the New Black gets taunted for it in prison.

The doppelgängers used the MTV Europe Music Awards to bring their matching ways center stage, and there's clearly some adorable mutual respect at play here. But, this isn't the first time Ruby Rose and Justin Bieber have called attention their respective twin...

Ruby Rose was well aware of the comparisons

And made sure to draw Bieber's attention to it on Instagram back in April.

The pair finally met for the first time in June

Probably making time to discuss the importance of accessorizing your hat with your sunglasses.

The MTV EMAs were the perfect chance to make the world see double


As host of the awards show, Ruby Rose had about 10 costume changes in the single night, but, of course, the red ensemble she was wearing when interviewing Bieber made them look like a matching performing duo. The Crimson Chums, perhaps?

Now, even if you think that "matching" might be going a bit far for these separate looks, Justin Bieber definitely saw the overlap.

He may be seeing red, but he definitely wasn't upset about the ongoing resemblance. Soon after this bit of banter, they exchanged a friendly hug and made Bieber fans everywhere tremble with envy.

Gotta love this budding friendship!

(Source: Buzzfeed)


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