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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
Walter Ng

Obviously, they're still around but there was something about the old cartoon channels.

Now what I'm talking about is essentially the cartoons that they produced. Samurai Jack, Teen Titans, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Spongebob Squarepants and of course the classic Mickey Mouse, and I always loved his house of Mouse. Now obviously Spongebob is still being produced, but has kind of simmered down to what the Simpsons, are, which is essentially, obligatory.

Now those cartoons are just some which I can name at the top of my head and again new cartoons like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, recently concluded Legend of Korra(2014) are cartoons that sometimes spark up what the old had.

I think for me cartoons had a lot of phases in it's life and it is very much like comic books, as cartoons did get its obligatory censors for unnecessary violence and hardcore material. But nonetheless they sometimes get away with some stuff.
But essentially what the old cartoons had a lot of heart and story which some of the people who grew up on these cartoons were definitely inspired by them. Now of course, there's the question of pure nostalgia and how we long for something that was older just because we remember it in a certain way. But there's also a difference between nostalgia and changing something that was already right in it's form. Now there's nothing wrong with updating a little something here and there, but if you take something and not go anywhere with it, that's where I say that there was no significance whatsoever in remaking or rebooting or updating and yes I use these specific terms not only because it applies to movies as well, but all forms of visual media.

Cartoons are no longer cartoons, the days of Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, the Road Runner and the other cartoons who were simply here for the means of immediate comedy with prat falls, slapstick humor, and other forms of comedy have come and stayed, yes, but evolved too. For example, the Animaniacs were a part of the Warner Brother group meaning that they would always, have the stylistic styles of the Looney Tunes and definitely other humorous styles, but it was always to entertain.

For me a visual medium's purpose is to entertain and especially for animation styling there needs to be entertainment for it to catch on. It doesn't mean that story lines and plots can be cast aside, for it to be a lingering idea we need to see the passion in that animation, that episode, that's why the idea of Looney Tunes, stuck around because even though it didn't really have story lines or specific plots, there was an amount of passion that you could see through, and the same could be said about Adventure Time, although Adventure Time is a very much evolved kind of way, and perhaps uses, a little depth at certain points even though all it's doing is dragging it out. But that's why it's popular that's why it's better and these types of new animation is something to bear witness because it's taking lessons from the old and making it their own thing while always paying tribute and homage to the old cartoons.

For me, it is true that for new things to come, there is always a need for the old to go, but that doesn't mean that the old could never make a come back. It might if it got in the right hands and it might, if there was a lot of passion in it.
And in the end what the new cartoons/animations have shown us is that most cartoon channels are willing to evolve even though some are not, and I think, that there isn't so much as a glory days as much as a nostalgic values to the olden days, but in essence a growth of sorts, a willingness to accept all that is new, all that is bright and all that is creative.

So, in the end it's all about perception, but there definitely was something about the old cartoons, that the new ones are taking a hold of and taking notes to make it even better, and make something of a new generation of kids, who know rely on technology too much in my opinion, but hey, who am I to debate about that? I grew up with television and computers, but, still, there will always be a hunger for the old, but we can accept the new too, just like others have, and progressed to do so much better.


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