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the dark knight rises his ending left us with questions and ideas and that i wh i amhere to give ideas for the sequel whic the name i want it to be



and this is indeed about john blake his story as a hero

now th first thing we will do is the casting

joseph gordon levitt as john blake/nightwing

harisson ford as slade wilson/deathstroke

gary oldman as jim gordon

morgan freeman as lucius fox

neil patrick harris as the ridler

jonathan banks as mister freeze

tobey mauguire as black mask

leonardo dicaprio to replace heath ledger joker

i want harleyquinn to be in it but i dont have a casting choise

troy baker as azreal

jena malone as poison ivvy

micheal caine as alfred

megan fox as lad shiva

christian bale as retired bruce wayne happy live in somewhere far away to make some apearences

daniel radclife as grown up jason todd red hood

andrew garfield as tennager damien wayne son of bruce and selina lives with them only in aperences
and scenes without bruce and selina in shool or on sreets

shia labouf as tim drake /robin/batman

and that is it for the cast now looks designs
fan art

1 john blake origin comic version

pretty cool right
pretty cool right

now him after training searching in batcave

him as nightwing

which is freaking coool isnt it
which is freaking coool isnt it

now deathstroke

tim drake as robin

tim drake as batman

now ideas and stor i want john to be the leader of the bat-familly which it is not the complete bat familly but i is a big part and john also has a love story with shiva which he knows her couse off the training and shiva is one of the surviving members of the leauge of shadows
and azreal is coming to help to give advice to john and all that stuf alfred is gonna play a big part of john bakenowing who batman is and helping him by learning how to be a good person and of course you will see joker torturing jason but jason was not robin he was one off the oprhans from the dark knight rises but escaped and did his own thing and john kne him from that and fter that he wants revenge at joker for killing him and yess it will be with the lazarus pit that slade has who is the boss off the villains of gotham which he brought them togeter to team up of course and this will take 7.6 years and months after rises which gotha has been taken over by the criminals and first john trained ith slade untill he became mad couse he was dozed with a expiriment and of course john had a fight with him and slade lost his eye now i want alot off villains coue well i want the movie to also hae mentions like an easter egg of court off owls or dollmaker i just need the batan villain gallery
now you have alot of villains but who do you have you have ridler mister freeze poison ivvy joker harley black mask deathstroke and i also want other heroes references of the justice leauge and lucius of course now the leader of wayne enterprises and still the one who takes care of the tech suits verichles and bruce selina and damien are gonna be a small role for example i want to see bruce and damien wathing telivision and seeing on the news we have a new hero in gotham whch is so called nightwing selina os cooking dinner and bruce says honey come look something is happening wha is it brucegotham has a new hero called nightwing and they say that he takes the legacy of batman something like that is all i need please let thi happen christopher nolan dc comics and warner bros please i wnt this so badly and

yeah that is kinda it follow me ontwitter at captain jens look at my movieplot account and i will see you guys later today couse i will be doing someting els which yoi will, see then see you later and what do yo think of this


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