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I just read Peter DiDonato's article "Wicked Movie Confirmed! Release Date Planned for 2016!",manual

Man. I want to be excited. I really, really, want to be excited. If this had happened 5-10 years ago, I would be on my floor hyperventilating with excitement right now.

But the problem lies in the fact that as of late, musicals aren't translating very well from stage to screen.

Into the Woods and Les Mis were the two mentioned in the article. Les Mis had some really questionable directing choices (hey there close ups) and the truly dark moments of Into the Woods were taken out and Disney-fied, which kind of defeats the purpose of the whole musical.

Now, that being said, Les Mis made me cry and I was smiling like an idiot through most of Into the Woods, but both of these lacked something(s) that make the stage shows so special.

And Wicked is super special. The scope of this show is incredible. There is a freaking animatronic DRAGON on top of the stage. Or during Defying Gravity, when the lights shift and Elphaba flies into the air and you get chills down your spine (or if you're me burst into tears). You just can't re-create that.

A close up on Elphaba's face/mouth while belting is not going to help. Taking out the dark underlying political themes is not going to help.

I want to be excited. And I'm still going to go see it in theaters and probably still burst into tears. And then I'll go home and think about it. And I want to write a glowing review, I want the title to be "Best Musical Adaptation since "Chicago""

Until then, I'll let 15 year old me hyperventilate, and 24 year old me will remain vaguely skeptical.


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