BySam Baker, writer at

If anything terminator genisys re opened the terminator franchise by the timeline being completely new. Sarah knowing when and where kyle was being sent back to and her knowing all about terminators showed us that the director was not afraid to change things around. The new terminator film also states that the future is not set and that leaves a very big cliff hanger into what could happen next and a very ease story line to carry on. Furthermore with the ending scene after the credits on the film where it is showing a ball of red energy and a figure that looked like matt smith as skynet (or genisys) waking up and looking at it shows us that they intend to make another film. Then following up on this you see pops (Arnold Schwarzenegger) be upgraded from a T800 to a T1000 a liquid metal machine. Therefore it shows us that there may be a squeal as he did not die.


Do you think that genisys re opened the franchise?


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