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If you're inclined to believe the tabloid press, then entertainer Marie Osmond is on the verge of a suicidal breakdown because of a movie in the works about her life, that is if you believe what the tabs are saying, of course...

Shortly after celebrity biographer Randy Jernigan released his book The Life and Career of Marie Osmond the gossip rags went crazy--claiming Osmond went crazy.

The first to stir the pot was, of course, The National Enquirer with the sensational headline Breakdown Fears for Marie Osmond, then online news page jumped on the bandwagon with an even more sensational headline Marie Osmond Movie Details Dark Secrets: Film Based On Book Uncovers Domestic Abuse, Emotional Collapse, 'Painful Events'

While I love a good piece of gossip, I wasn't inclined to believe all that was being written--especially knowing the author as well as I do. So I went directly to the source of all the uproar and phoned Randy for a comment

Randy Jernigan is a very personable man with a great reputation in the business. He's known for getting to the heart of a story and is fair with his subject. Most celebrities seem to really like the guy.

"I had no idea my little book would cause such a firestorm of gossip--of course Marie's always been fodder for the tabloids. I mean, if it's not one thing with Marie it's another. Sometimes I think they just make some of this stuff up about Marie because sooner or later they know it's going to happen anyway"

The biography was released July 8, 2015 and soon became a best seller. It was the first installment in a series of fan biographies the author is publishing about stars that make a positive difference in their communities and the world.

I've always been a fan of Marie so I bought and read the book for myself and was quite impressed.

Do I think the book will translate into a good television movie? Most definitely! While the book is but a sliver and a fast read, it's chocked with information that is extremely provocative. Things I never knew about Marie's tumultuous relationship with her second husband and how she escaped his abuse.

The only information about the movie that I was able to drag from Randy was that he has now completed the first draft of the screenplay. Other than that he's staying mum on the subject.

According to google, other fan biographies in the series that Randy will be publishing include Ellen Degeneres, Daniel Radcliffe and Taylor Swift.

Do you feel that Marie's life will make a good TV Movie?


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