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(Warning - the following may contain mild SPOILERS for next year's Suicide Squad. Proceed with whatever level of caution your natural SPOILER-aversion dictates...)

Now, there are already a whole lot of reasons to be massively overly excited about next year's Suicide Squad -- the DC Cinematic Universe's upcoming entry into the (arguably brand new) world of supervillain team-up capers. After all, between Jared Leto's already warmly received Joker, Will Smith's improbable turn as Deadshot, and the very presence of Harley Quinn in a major live-action movie, there's a lot to love already.

As the giant pile of images that just turned up in Empire Magazine reveal, though:

There's Even More Suicide Squad Prompted Excitement to Come

Y'see, not only did we get another fantastic look at the whole team (above), we also caught a shiny, 'less blurry than the trailer' glimpse of...

Harley Quinn Rocking the Imprisoned Look

Harley Quinn Hanging Out with Killer Croc

Deadshot Being Deadshot

The Enchantress Being Super Emo


Amanda Waller Looking Serious

And, of course...

The Joker Rocking the Front Cover of Empire

The even more intriguing part, though?

We Caught Our Best Look Yet at the Joker and Harley Quinn Before She Became a Villain

Both in long shot, and...

...Right Up Close, and Very Personal

Which...pretty much confirms a whole pile of flashbacks, right?

What do you reckon, though?

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