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When you think back to your first experiences of Toy Story and Sid's bedroom of horrors, it's easy to think that the kid was an absolute terror, tearaway and young psychopath. I mean look at the things he created! That doll-head-spider-crab thing? Freaky as s**t!

But as you get older, wiser and more empathetic to others around you and the tightrope that is human emotion, you may begin to decipher his actions as those of a cry for help of sorts. And you'd be right, well that's if you let this incoming fan theory fester on your heartstrings at least.

Sid & Buzz
Sid & Buzz

Redditor chili_powder has posited that there is definitely more to young Sid than first meets the eye. That he is in fact dealing with being the eldest child of a broken home, and having an abusive, alcoholic father.

Judging by Covers

"We have ways of making you talk."
"We have ways of making you talk."

Here's what chili_powder had to say on the idea:

This one's pretty dark but I think Sid's dad is an alcoholic and is abusive to at least Sid and Scud (Sid's dog.) Why else would Sid put so many locks on his door?
Also, when the Buzz Lightyear commercial comes on you can see him sleeping on a recliner surrounded by beer cans.
When Scud sees him he stops looking for Buzz and leaves, presumably because he is scared of Sid's dad. This would also help explain why Sid is so violent to his toys.

Sorry Sid


In what could be an incredible use of the ol' red herring on Pete Docter & John Lasseter's part, Sid, the creepy kid that toys are terrified of, is the kid that needs the love of toys the most. Way more than his perfect, white picket fenced counterpart, Andy, from across the way.

Do you remember Sid playing with any other kids in Toy Story? When Andy was busy with his awesome birthday party, Sid was more than likely at home dissecting toys and working on hating the world. When Andy's mom took him to Pizza Planet, did we see Sid vying for his parents' attention?

No, he was there all by himself.

"Let's go home"
"Let's go home"

The idea that Sid is violent to his toys because this is his way of working out his emotions, raises the bar for Pixar's storytelling ability ten fold. Instead of portraying Sid as your a-typical bully, they chose to allude to a much darker reasoning behind his cruel actions.

And as for the scene when Scud is hunting down a freshly escaped Buzz Lightyear, and eventually cowers away from the living room where Sid's father is asleep surrounded with beer cans. After coming into contact with this fan theory, I think that may be one of the saddest scenes in a kid's movie to date.

So Play Nice

So if we were to consider this theory as truth, the scene where the toys get their revenge on Sid by scaring the living crap out of him is utterly traumatizing. This kid who already has countless issues, ends up discovering that toys are alive.

Not only will he be forever alone in the realization that he's a monster, a barbarian who turns once innocuous toys into Frankenstein's monsters. How do you live with that?

Here's the clip:

This must in turn lead Sid to where he is in Toy Story 3. Working as a refuse collector and saving discarded toys from destruction. After years of therapy, no doubt!

This is a really good theory, and one that could definitely stand as being true. But, enough of what I think...

What do you think?

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