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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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There is seemingly nothing, absolutely nothing that Beyoncé cannot do. Not only is Queen B one of the greatest performers of all-time, a pretty dope singer, actress and dancer, she also pulls off a mean cosplay of the X-Men's resident meteorologist Storm, as evidenced this weekend in images from Ciara's birthday bash.

The weekend saw Ciara bring in her 30th nameday with a superhero themed surprise costume party that saw a few of her famous friends roll up in a veritable cornucopia of costumes, featuring some of DC and Marvel's finest.

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Thrown for her by her boyfriend, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who surprised the Catwoman clad Ciara in a pretty impressive Batman outfit while waiting by the Batmobile from Batman Forever, the singer was whisked off to the Batman exhibition at Burbank's Warner Bros. lot to get down with over 100 of her nearest and dearest.

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And then Hurricane Beyoncé drifted in and, literally, blew everyone away with her electric cosplay, influenced by Simone Bianchi's interpretations of Storm:

Like, seriously, Beyoncé. How do you do it?

Scorpio Season!! HBD @angiebeyince HBD @ciara #GIRLPOWER

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But this isn't a new revelation, as Beyoncé's costume game has been well documented in the past as being completely off the chain. Like last year when she and Jay Z went to a Halloween party as Frida Kahlo and Jean-Michel Basquiat, and more than likely completely owned:

While that same year, she smashed it as vintage Janet Jackson from her Rhythm Nation days, and even got Blue Ivy in on the fun as a 1984 American Music Awards Michael Jackson:

Janet and MJ

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Putting all of my Halloween costume ideas to shame, man. But the question still remains... who Stormed the best IRL? Halle Berry, Beyoncé or the impending Alexandra Shipp?


Who's the better Storm?

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