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I think the biggest debate going around this year in the comic book movie world is all solely based on The Joker's appearance in Suicide Squad. I mean remember when that first picture surfaced all the hate going around and I'm not going to lie i was one of those people hating. Then something happened though i started to think logically and with a more open mind and then it all started to make sense to me. The Joker is a character that is so widely loved that once you change a little bit about him than the whole world loses their mind. Is it really changing The Joker though is what i asked myself the other day when i started to think about it more. I mean The Joker has always been a very psychotic and disturbed individual and i wouldn't find it hard to believe that years into rough encounters with Batman he wouldn't have a few metal teeth.

The next obvious and biggest concern many people have with The Joker in Suicide Squad and DCEU is the tattoos he has throughout his body. A lot of people are calling them tacky, silly, and just outright ridiculous and out of character for The Joker. Is The Joker ever a man with a set goal though and does he ever really have a set path for himself? Of course not because the man is an insane psychopath so where is it hard to believe he might not have gotten some ridiculous tattoos just because he felt like it one day! If you're still on the fence after all that i suggest you take a look at the newly released images from Empire magazine for their December issue.

If these pictures don't cry out The Joker to you than i seriously don't know what will! I mean to me this looks like its taken straight out of a comic book and I'm loving everything about it. In another note its clear Suicide Squad will have many flashbacks and here's hoping that we get to see what exactly made this Joker the way he is. I'm also not too worried with an actor on the caliber such as Jared Leto I'm sure we're going to see The Joker go places we've never seen before I find it very interesting the direction they're taking him and can't wait to see more from him especially a face to face confrontation between him and Batman! Check out the full Empire magazine collectors cover for the issue that I'm sure will be a fast seller.

What do you think of the Empire new images for Suicide Squad? Are you still on the fence with this new Joker? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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