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Bringing a ghost town to life. With the release of [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936) came the final chapter to a truly stellar series. Arkham Knight was widely hailed as the crowning glory to the Batman video game series.

The game was bursting with content and boasting stunning graphics with compelling storyline to boot. Players were able to explore the city in such detail that even to this day we are still finding new areas to explore.

Not to mention the amount of utterly outrageous easter eggs that were to be found. Players are still finding killer content and with it all new gameplay videos hit the internet. It has truly been a community spectacle to behold.

Unless of course you bought the game on PC...

On the flip side of a seamless console release came the utterly shambolic PC launch. The PC version was riddled with glitches and bugs. After just a few hours on launch day the PC community was up in arms. The game simply did not work, and the games that did crashed more times in an hour than a crash dummy gets in a lifetime.

RockSteady attempted to fix the issues with several large patch drops, however, these simply did not fix the majority of the problems that the PC community faced.

With RockSteady devs still coming up short, the studio was forced to pull the game completely. This means that Batman: Arkham Knight is still to be explored on some of the best gaming systems in the world. Now that's something to get excited about—trust me.

It's Time - Suit Up!

It's finally here. The PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight will return to Steam on October 28, Warner Bros. announced:

"At 10 am PDT, Oct. 28th, Batman: Arkham Knight will be re-released for the PC platform," the publisher said in a statement. "At the same time we’ll also be releasing a patch that brings the PC version fully up-to-date with content that has been released for console (with the exception of console exclusives)."

Which brings me back to my previous point: Once this beast goes live on PC, we can expect to see some truly stunning gameplay images and videos as Gotham is rediscovered in an all new light.

Enter the 4K generation!

PC gamers, the city needs your help! So get your supplies in, lock the doors, switch off your phone and for goodness sake, get out there and be the Batman!

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