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Graphic designer/Photographer at Cuije

It’s no surprise my nephews love horror flicks and sci-fi adventures. Their father is a horror fanatic, their uncle makes slasher movie soundtracks, and then there’s me, the aunt that dresses them up as Star Wars characters.

My nephew Matías discovered Army of Darkness via a game app. His father, a huge Evil Dead fan of course, showed him the movie and since I’m their favorite aunt (and the only one who makes costumes), Matty wanted me to dress him up as Ashley J. Williams, our favorite S-Mart clerk and deadnite hunter.

He wanted a blood splattered chainsaw, which I made out of cardboard, along with his NERF shotgun (I’m lucky I didn’t have to make one) and his father’s Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (from the original DVD release) he was ready to kick some deadnite’s butt.

Before he went Trick 'r Treating we had a photo shoot on a pretty cool rusty and abandoned location, you could almost feel the evil surrounding us.

You can see the rest of the gallery HERE.

We just can't wait for the series to come to the screen!


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