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Jay Dee

A Kill Bill sequel could be coming soon. Director and original "Kill Bill" creator Quentin Tarantino says he's waiting on enough time to pass to explore his next chapter.

He's currently working on a script called "The Bride That Died" which revolves around Vernita Green's daughter Nikki, who sets out on a path of bloody revenge to destroy the life of Uma Thurman's character "The Bride." (who has found happiness and gotten a little rusty since Kill Bill Vol. 2)

So far, no mention has been made of Beatrix Kiddo's daughter B.B. or what her role would be in a new installment. Apparently it's definitely happening though, as Uma Thurman has already officially signed on and Scream Queens star Keke Palmer has been approached about playing the new assassin"The Daughter" ....Sounds interesting to me.


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