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Season 6 of Game of Thrones may be months away, but that's no reason not to obsess over it. With new cast members being added and photos from the sets emerging, there is a lot we need to talk about.

In this article I will be going through many of the new cast members and what characters they will be playing. A lot of this is still speculation based on images fans have taken from the sets, while others are confirmed. I have left out the ones playing very minor characters (e.g., "handmaiden" and "Bolton soldier") and also cast members we don't know much about yet. Keep in mind that this is not a definitive list, as some characters are yet to be cast. Also, be warned – if you don't want to speculate about the upcoming season you probably shouldn't read this article. Without further ado, let's get started!

Euron Greyjoy

It has been confirmed that Euron Greyjoy will be played by Danish actor Pilou Asbæk, and we are all very excited about this. Euron Greyjoy is the uncle of Theon and Yara, is a skilled warrior, but a very ruthless and manipulative man. If you've read the books, you know he is ambitious and it will be very interesting to see what he has planned for the ironborn. He also has an eye-patch, so he's basically a pirate!

Young Ned

Sebastian Croft has been cast for season 6, and it is believed he will be playing a young Eddard Stark in a flashback scene. This has not been completely confirmed yet, but the trusty Watchers on the Wall say they have this from "reliable sources". Why we will be seeing a flashback from Ned's childhood is currently unknown, but the role involves him sparring with another boy, most likely a young Robert Baratheon.

Braavosi Theater Group

Several actors have been cast to play different members of a theater group in Braavos, where Arya currently is. The theater group is performing a play about some well-known Westerosi people, such as Cersei, Sansa, Margaery and Tyrion. Their leader Izembaro collaborates with the Faceless Men so it is likely that Arya will have a lot to do with them.


Izembaro will be played by actor Richard E. Grant, known from Girls and Dracula. Izembaro is the leader of the group and a great actor, but apparently quite nasty to his colleagues off-stage.

Braavosi Actors

Northern-Irish actor Ross Anderson has landed a role on the show as well. The role is so far unspecified, but the Watchers on the Wall believe he will be a member of the Braavosi theater group.

Kevin Eldon is confirmed to be playing a "theater actor" and judging from photos taken on set, he will be portraying Ned Stark.

Leigh Gill is also a member of the theater group and will be playing Tyrion.

Braavosi Actresses

The beautiful Eva Butterly will be playing a Braavosi actress, and while it's not confirmed yet, photos from the set suggests she will be portraying Margaery Tyrell.

It hasn't been confirmed who Eline Powell will be playing, or that she has even been cast, but she has been seen on set with the Braavosi theater group in a costume that resembles Sansa Stark.

Actress Essie Davis is confirmed to be playing Lady Stork, one of the actresses in the Braavosi Theater Group. Lady Stork enjoys sipping a bit of wine before she goes on stage.


With Daenerys back in Dothraki-land it's no surprise the show has cast several new Dothraki warriors. I for one am looking forward to hearing the Dothraki language again, and it will be very interesting to see the power-struggle between the Khal and Dany. Not to mention we might get to see the Dosh Khaleen!

Khal Jhaqo

Joseph Naufahu, originally from New Zealand, will be playing the role of Khal Jhaqo, the guy who became Khal after Khal Drogo died in season 1. It will be interesting to see how he feels about Daenerys coming back with a dragon.

Dothraki warriors

Both Chuku Modu (left) and Staz Nair (right) have been cast as unnamed Dothraki warriors.

The Tarly Family

For Sam Tarly, season 5 ended with him, Gilly and the baby heading for Oldtown so Sam can become a Maester. It seems we will be seeing his family in the new season, because both his parents and his siblings have been cast. His mother will be played by Samantha Spiro (top left), his father by James Faulkner (top right), his brother by Freddie Stroma (bottom left) and his sister by Rebecca Benson (bottom right). I wonder what his family will think of his wildling girlfriend.

The Tower of Joy

Fans of the book series will know how important this is going to be. I don't want to spoil too much, but a scene with the Tower of Joy could potentially reveal one of the shows biggest secrets. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but a few cast members are rumoured to be filming Tower of Joy-scenes. Actor Eddie Eyre (left) will be playing a character named Ser Alfred Hunrith, a character that doesn't currently exist in the books. Luke Roberts (middle) and Robert Aramayo (right) are also supposedly filming Tower of Joy scenes.

There are more cast members than these, but their roles are too small, or too little is known about them yet. If you want to read up on all the new cast members I suggest heading over to the Watchers on the Wall's Season 6 Casting Compendium.

Source: Watchers on the Wall


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