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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Time to start putting eggs in vinegar, stocking up on toilet roll and candies and finishing up your sexy and witty costume, because Halloween has rolled around again! And with it comes the chance to revisit some of your most favorite scary movies.

Being the movie buffs that they are, or should be at least, it's no surprise that some of our favorite actors have all incredibly varied taste when it comes to horror movies. But can you tell their favorite freaky flick from their descriptions of the movie?

Go on, have a go:

1. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

It had this puppet and the puppet ended up being the real things - and it kills!


What do you think?

The answer is: Magic

2. Christina Ricci

I just love it. I love the way it was made, how operatic it is […] It’s just such a gorgeous, sumptuous movie to watch. And I think at the time that I saw it, I totally fell in love with Gary Oldman.


You've got this.

The answer is: Bram Stoker's Dracula

3. Rupert Grint

It must be the most original idea for a monster - an evil mass-produced dessert. It’s got the strangest characters I’ve ever seen in a film, which makes it a forever favorite of mine.



The answer is: The Stuff

4. Monica Potter

"When all (character redacted) has to do is go like that [slightly tilts head] with his mask on and i’m beyond scared!"


What about this one?

The answer is: Halloween

5. Giancarlo Esposito

Twenty-five years ago, about two twin brothers on a small farm in the South. It’s the beginning of the cheaper, more economic horror films. That’s one of my favorites.



The answer is: The Other

6. Terry Crews

That was the first Rated-R movie my mother ever let me see, and oh, dude, I was scarred. I was scarred in a good way […] But, you know, heads ripping themselves off, dogs having three heads, it was just 'Oh my god, there’s no stopping this!'


Think about that one again.

The answer is: The Thing

7. Alison Brie

(Name redacted)'s character is obviously strong in that she’s dealing with this serial killer and she’s keeping up with everybody and her boss at the FBI. At the same time, she’s so vulnerable. It’s her vulnerability that enables her to have this connection with this psychopath.


You sure?

The answer is: Silence of the Lambs

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