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The Walking Dead is one of the best shows on television at the moment. At very least it's the absolute best dystopian, character-based show, featuring regular zombies, consistently disturbing deaths, which regularly feature a familiar and even companionable brush with insanity. Yes... The Walking Dead is absolutely the best show of its kind.

Based on Robert Kirkman's comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead first aired in 2010 and has effectively moulded itself into popular culture. If you don't watch it yet you absolutely should; pick your favourite character and count the days until they're zombie-chow. Seriously, the show is pretty dark these days... with its senseless killing of characters it's almost on the level of Attack on Titan or Game of Thrones.

Anyway, The Walking Dead is a one of a kind show, and with unique shows come interesting theories, so lets have a look through some of them and show how they measure up under scrutiny of adoring fans.

1. Rick's Ultimate Insanity

This theory is fairly straightforward, but leaves serious room for thought and discussion -- what if Rick is still in a coma and T.W.D. is all just a coma delusion. The death, murder and character conflict could simply be products of his own deteriorating psychological state.

This theory has been circulating for a while and naturally Kirkman took to Twitter to debunk the theory.

Thankfully, and to the extreme relief of the fans, Kirkman revealed that Rick will not be revealed as still being in a coma; the "it was all a dream" plot point is way too 1990's. However, Kirkman didn't give the fans time to rest, and immediately fanned the flames of speculation.

Now, before I get angry hate mail -- yes, he was probably joking. But speculation feeds imagination, so consider the notion for a heartbeat. Imagine if Rick is really roaming the world of T.W.D. in a mental state. What if Glenn, Daryl, Michonne, and Carol and aspects of Rick's own unconscious mind?

It's been reported that Rick is becomming increasingly like Shane and The Governor, so what if they were always aspects of his personality?

2. Is Rick A Walker?

This has to be my favourite W.D. theory ever; it's intelligent, well thought-out and adheres to the lore of the show. Hear me out, but what if Rick is actually a walker? Not in the sense of he's roaming around, already a walker, and T.W.D. is some kind of walker fantasy... although that would make for an interesting twist. But what if he was exposed to the infection like everyone else, but didn't become walker, or he's becoming one unusually slowly.

The theory hinges on the following elements of the show, introduced in the pilot episode. How did Rick survive the apocalypse without food or water? He was in a coma, very much alone, for several weeks. Livescience reports that the human body lives and dies by the rule of three: three days without water will kill you, and three weeks without food will kill you. So by all estimations Rick should have died.

Yes, Rick had an IV drip attached when he first awakens.

However, as answered by YahooAnswers, a bag will last for about one hour, whereas Cancercompass says a full bag can last for as long as three hours. Either way, our Rick would have needed more than a drink of water to get out of that mess.

So what if Rick was exposed to the infection, but he failed to become a walker due to being in a coma or possibly the drugs diluting the infection in his system? It explains how he's survived through countless fights, wounds and near death experiences... he's already dead.

3. The Human Race Will Be Wiped Out

It was clear from the pilot episode of T.W.D, or from the early days of the graphic novel if you're a fan, that society had broken down. As T.W.D. progressed, the last remnants of civilized society slowly bled away, and now we're left following psychotic murderers and scavengers as they fight for survival in an unfamiliar world.

We've all considered it, could they even live in a normal world again? Their time on the farm, in the prison, in Woodberry, Terminus, the church, the hospital, Alexandria... has proven that the characters struggle to readjust to any form of civilization.

So with the world getting darker, stranger, crueler and further from any form of familiar society, is the human race heading towards extinction? By this point regrowth and development seems impossible: human numbers are dwindling, and the walkers clearly seem to outnumber the survivors many times over.

Additionally, it's been shown that poor maintenance is leaving buildings in ruins, and with no one left to build or repair them, and with a perpetual lack of children being born, society in T.W.D. seems doomed to never recover.

Finally, with those who have survived mainly consisting of murderers, rapists, cannibals and the deeply psychologically wounded, any future society would be horrifically primitive.

So with this in mind, will the walking dead finale result in the end of the human race altogether?


Which theory do you prefer?

(Source: Whatculture.)


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