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In honor of the best holiday ever, I have decided to dig through the bowels of the internet to find you the coolest, craziest, and most awesome little known facts about one of horror's most iconic franchises. Check out the top 10 coolest facts about the Halloween movies below!

10. Faking it.

The lead actress in Halloween: Resurrection, Bianca Kajlich, couldn't actually scream (don't you think that should be the main factor for a Halloween actress?!). Her scream had to be added in during post-production!

9. Blondes Just Want to have Fun!

The infamous Michael Myers mask that was used for reshoots in Halloween 4 had blonde hair. In the rest of the film, and the rest of the franchise, Myers has brown hair. Who was in charge of this continuity error?!

8. Jamie the Teenage Witch.

Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Clarissa Explains it All) was the runner up to play the role of Jamie in Halloween 4 and Halloween 5.

7. Killer Twist!

In an attempt to put a twist on the classic Halloween formula, the original killer in Halloween H20 was not going to be Michael Myers. Originally, the killer was going to be Charlie (the best friend's boyfriend who dies in the kitchen). He was going to be a copy-cat killer. This would have been interesting, but I am ultimately glad that they kept the original Myers.

6. Man in Black.

The man in the black coat, who breaks Myers out of jail at the end of Halloween 5, was a last minute addition during production of the fifth film. The filmmakers said that they would worry about explaining his character in part six... a choppy excuse if you ask me.

5. November 1st.

The original Halloween II is the only film in the franchise to take place on the night after halloween. The rest of the flicks in the franchise all end on Halloween night.

4. Death of an icon.

Donald Pleasence, who played Dr. Loomis in the first 6 Halloween flicks (minus part III), passed away shortly after filming Halloween 6. The film underwent heavy reshoots, but the actor had already died before completing said reshoots. The edit of the final film had to be shaped around footage of the late actor.

3. The Remake Trilogy?

Originally, Rob Zombie intended for his reboot to be a trilogy. The studio ultimately decided against it, but the three films would have been split as such:

  • Halloween (the first half of the remake - up until Myers breaks out of the asylum)
  • Halloween 2 (the second half of the remake - and the actual Laurie Strode story)
  • Halloween 3 (what eventually became H2).

2. Fake Fall.

The original Halloween was filmed in the spring of 1978. If you watch the film closely, when Laurie Strode is walking home from school, you will notice the green California palm trees in the background. In order to make the streets of Pasadena look like a mid-American town in the middle of fall, the filmmakers would spread fake leaves all over the street. Because of the low budget, the leaves would have to be collected after every take to be used in the following shot. One of the most famous people who collected those leaves was...

1. Freddy Krueger in Halloween?

Robert Englund, the man behind the Freddy Krueger mask, was a production assistant on the original Halloween back in 1978. In interviews, he said his role was primarily picking up the fake leaves and collecting them to be used in the next scene.

What was your favorite piece of Halloween trivia?! Take a stab in the comments below!


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